We O F F this.


the new blog.


ka-yuut-esss [well c.b.]

This song is on Tyga and Chris Brown's mixtape. I forget what it's called right now, but i think it starts with the letter "D" lol.


i love being on vacation


can i go back please?

&& it be like that sometimes

#lowkey. i think that's become one of my favorite words this past week. i love what it stands for. sometimes being lowkey can the best thing a person can do. you don't alwayys have to be out there, u can just be chill.

"bc you never want everyone in ur business and stuff...times are best when it's just you & ur selected few, know what i meann"

oh yeaaa have you guys ever heard od "less is more"?
...well i think it's an awesome thing in some cases.


never gets old


Oreoluwa Mary Oluwatomiliyo Titilope* Rebecca Aduk`e Mariam [etc.] Amosu

*not sure