Ah I thought it was good, i liked it. Some much happened it seemed like it wnt on foreverrr. I have so much to say about it, but i'll add more later w/ videos :)


she wears short skirts, i wear t-shirtssss

i heard this song like 50 million times today on the radio, and i remembered how much this song jams. && i LOVE the video :)

and another one

ahh this is gonna be a random one. last night i talked to one of the buddies :) we were talking about something and i'm so happy that he understood where i was coming from. but yeaa we talked to like 2 since i fell asleep lol but anyways i woke up today took a shower, then ate. lol i never do that but now i'm somewhere else, leaving to get my hair done in a little bit. okay so i have this fascination w/ birds ALL birds and i've always wanted to get a tatoo of a bird on me, and i just saw this cool looking bird and like i think that's what i want tatted on me lol. i'm going home tomorrow and i'm so happy. hopefully i get my nose pierced sooon! ugh todays one of  my friends bday dinner but i don't think i'm going :/ well i know i'm not going lol but it was my choice sooo. There's nothing else to talk about so i guess i'm bout to be out

p.s. there's NO NEED TO BOOST shugaaa :)



you make think you know how i feel ..when you really have no idea :)
ughh i'm so upset right now, like i haven't been mad at all today but that all changed at like 6:38pm. omg like im so confused im so irritated so upset im so sick im soo annoyed and aggrivated and just everything. like i hate how people can be so unfair in such ways, but i don't even know if unfair is the right word. i'm so fed up; i'll add on later ughhhhh

ok like i'm sooo over it, over everythingg like I DON'T even CARE anymore. some hrs ago that definitely wasn't the case but after i took everything in and like thought of i'm like wtf ore, you need to get your ish together. i was soo misunderstood i think, i came off as if i was "trippin" or "mad" when in actuality i was good. but after re-reading the text messages i see how i could of came off as i was mad, or w/e but like i do not care... for you to get mad over something that wasn't even necessarily meant for you, as in when i typed that i wasn't even talking about you. i mean i see how u could think that but that's not even how it is. and for you to just "drop" me [well let me not for sure but i highly think you we're saying towards me] like that lol that's bs. like w/e man i'm like of it??

you welcome sir :) lol


my head hurts, i need some painkillers.

rollin' like a big shot...

lmaoo this is so funny. i'm on the phone w/ the bff , and we're like "How disrespectfull..lol this is kinda funny"

Boys thinkin' there pimps now ay? hahah


I am utterly shock, like i don't even know what to say. Noo this doesn't have anything to do with Michael Jackson mann. But i just saw some REAL heavy shit, like oh my gosh ARE YOU SERIOUSSSSS??!?!?!??!?!?! Wowwww brooooo. Like i feel like i'm about to throuw up, like OH MY GOSH!.. that's like all i can really say right now. Seriously! Like YOOO this is BIG SHIT ...

Can't wait to vent, right now i can't really say anything, but don't worry it's coming soon, next blog? Times like this i just jam z-ro lol, i dunno why i'm laughing cause there's nothing funny at all.


amaze me.

what's the last thing you read or are currently reading ? Nylon magazine, loong time ago

do you nap a lot ? ehh i took a nap today though

who was the last person you hugged ? ma cousine

what's your current obsession/addiction ? June ambrose, i stay following up on her tweets lol

what are you wearing right now ? racerback tank, hot pink tank, jeans, grey cardigan

what was for dinner ? sandwhich lol

what have you been listening to lately ? some playlist i made yesterday, and i'm tryna put it on here but...

if you could have any super power, what would it be ? reading minds

what is your favorite weather, and why ? warm weather w/ some breeze

what was the last thing you bought ? um earrings from Forever21

if you could have a house- totally paid for, fully furnished- anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be ? i don't even knoowww

favorite vacation spot ? london

favorite pair of shoes you keep going back to over and over, even though your closet is overflowing with a zillion others ? uh these black patent leather platform heels by Nine West

name one thing you cannot live without : oooh that's so hard

if you could wake up anywhere tomorrow, where would it be ? Tokyo!

And another one bites the dust

I broke my phone again:( . Actually nah my phone broke by itself. Hopefully i don't get in trouble though.

But umm i'm tryna add music to this but i can't figure it out lol i'm kinda slow but i'm sure i'll figure it out soon.

p.s. i haven't had up a hotpink treat on here in a whileee, that shall change soon

Haute Pepper Approved!

I spy Birkins's?! so JEALOUS.


Moschino, Moschino

spring 2009 rtw

um can i just have this whole look now, plss?

lol look what i found, i was decked out in moschino from head2toe [literally] haha funny

i feel sooo cool.

enough said :)

p.s. boys is soo sickening, so much for compromise righttt?? lol


Don't do me broo

lol Oh my gosshh people these days are such MESSES. It's real funny when i think of, but right now i'm talking to Daniel. I miss him, even though he can be mean/rude to me sometimes. However as i'm talking to him right now it makes me wanna go back to french class i miss EVERYONE to Ricky..Bobby, Erika, HUSBANNDDD lol, Jarrod, Faith. Ahh i wanna go back.

But anyways like i said Don't do Me.



I NEED TO GO SHOPPING like it's not even a WANT it's a NEED & I NEED A NEW CAMERA! My Granny was gonna give me $$ today for it, but i was like nahh my Daddy will buy me one. Ughh & I NEED $$ broo.

" You're so mean to me, i wish you weren't my sister! "

lmaoooo! The words from Ebunny [B up girllll!] ahh that was so funny but she's mad/sad cause i've been on the computer for sooo long and she wants to get on, so she told my granny thinking i would get off but nahhh that didn't work shawttyy. I told her to go play w/ granny but she started crying lol little oness.

i know you wanna taste it, but imma make you chase it

THE "CHASE". lol. so i started typing this blog yesterday but i couldn't think of anything to say. well i had alot to say but i couldn't like type it idk all i typed were the first 3 words you see. Soo anyways i go look at my horoscope and i see this:

Capricorn (december 22-janauary 19)

You are in charge of your relationship this week. Embrace it! Is there something you really want to do with your honey? If so, you're going to have to make the plan. If you aren't willing to assume the leadership position, things may go awry. It takes two to make a thing go right, but right now, it's on you.

I was like oh really?? haha what a coincidence. This blog was gonna be like about how when you're talking to someone, or like if your going out w/ someone and it's like your chasing the other person. I was gonna be like i hate when your the one that's chasing, it's soo not tight well at least that's how i feel about it. Idk maybe cause i'm a girl, and i think the girl should never be the one that's chasing the guy. Like that's a man's job booo, but idk some girls like to chase & some guys like it when they're being chased. Sooo w/e floats your boat, but i guess us Capricorns are in charge this week lmao.

thoughts much..

Boooo i'm like dying, i hate being put in posititions like this like wtf man why am i doing this?? Maybe cause i don't know how he feels so i just don't wanna be like i'm off it. And like i don't even wanna have to say that . But like grrrr i wish it was like it used to be; before the 16 or 14 or however long it was was trail [yes bitch i counted lol] but forrealll like it SUCKS so much i don't even know if i'm sad or mad. I think i'll say i'm more mad but am getting sad simply cause i can't do anything. Like wtf, why haven't i seen you yet?? It's kinda frustrating when i think of it but that's a whole nother story. And the part that SUCKS the Mooost is not knowing how you feel. Like am i the only one that feels this way or not? And like not knowing how the ask you like all these 21 questions. Like OMG it's frustrating mannnn. And sometimes i can get to acting like this when i feel all soft and ishh and what i say isn't really how i feel, but i even feel this way when i'm like normal. Like right now i'm typing this and i feel normal but when i typing this on my phone boys was all soft but i still feel the same way sooo i think this is like forreal??



so i haven't been on the computer in a long time, and during the time i wasn't on it. i would be like omg i need to get on the computer i have so much to blog about, but like now i can't think of anything to say. whampppppppppp

NO Shame at ALL.

T-Pain at the Country Music Awards. BIG MESS! This guy is so foolish what the f is he doing?? Plus i know he has no business at the country awards.
ok so i've discovered that some people have no shame, and it's not a good thing at allllll. well it can be alright in such ways, but not for the most part. when i come across people like that i just look in amazement like "Ah, are you seriousss?". Pls check yourself and make sure your not one of those. lol


Resort 2010

Rag & Bone
Rachel Roy
Oscar De La Renta Diane Von FurstenburgChanel Alexander Wang Adam 3.1 Phillip Lim

je voudrais un magazine s'il vous plait

i adore this cover, something that would def. go up on my wall, the skirt's killer. title reads: i would like a magazine please [or at least i think it does lol]

A member of Rihanna’s camp has talked to the NY Daily News about all the romance rumors going on with Rih Rih, Drake, & Kanye. Here’s their take:
“Kanye is all over Rihanna’s album — not all over Rihanna! She’s feeling [Drake] but wants to take things slow. Right now they’re just chilling.”



zoe kravitz [yeee.]

sweat pants hair tied, chillin w/ no makeup on :)

i had fun this weekend. friday didn't start off so well, was stuck in a exotic [stipper] shoe place [i've never seen heels so high in my life, like 10in heels and shit], an african who can't do business, and some extra foolish eager new york man who wasted my time. i was so heated, like i couldn't escape! ahh i don't even wanna think about it oh and i was supposed to get my hair done but didn't. but ok after that i went to Fish City Grill and had lunch w/ my girlies :) Jennifer and Sabina it was fun then we went to the mall. me and jennifer had ALOT of laughs lol. later on that night Josh calls me and starts harrasing me talking about "Who do you go out with?!??! cause damn it seem like everybody got a boyfriend!" and i was like "lol! i don't go out w/ nobody" then he goes "then who you talking to cause i know you talk to somebody?" then i explaineddd everythingggg to him like how idk if i would call it talking anymore blah blah blah and it's funny cause the person i was talking about he knows! i was like you gotta be shittin me.

saturday comes i wake up and freshen up then wash the fridge and microwave. later on tonia and papa come and get me :) we went to their church for like an hour then back to there house. i met babeeeee who is tonia's guinea pig or w/e called marley?? it was so scarryy but i held it :) there's pictures. papa's soo scared of it, it's sooo funny! but ok me and tonia left and went to the mall got nothing but ice cream. while i was at the mall i discovered how LAME guys can be like dammnn. we were in the food court and like a whole bunch of niggas were walking through their and they had to be 18-22 well they were making like the LOUDEST noises and talking and when i say loud i mean loud like they were on one side and i swear you could probally hear them on the other side but they were like so lame rolling up 15 deeeeep, looking all ratchet w/ fckn wifebeaters on looking all dirty and sheit like wtf grow up broo! so anyways we go and head onto the movies and we get there and we see the twins! omg like are you serious.. lol so we end up staying together and watch Drag Me To Hell that movie was soo scaryy everybody else says it's not but i think it is. i get scared easily though so i get home around 12:30 and talk to certain people. Dj tells me that guys lovee thirst bitches lol iounnoooo how acurate that is.

sunday i wake up and see a text that reads "Y u tell Boobah u luv me???" that woke me up realll quick im like wtfckkkkkkk are these people mad. first i NEVER said any of that, i rarely talk to Boobah, and like what the fuck No like no. ughh thinking about it irritates me but ok moving on. i find out i'm going to cypress so i have to hurry up and pack clothes and lord knows i don't know how to pack so i just fold anything i see but ok get to cypress and go to some stores w/ my aunty to get stuff then get to her house. see granny :) and my lovely little troopers lol then like later on the twins come again and we talk about everything and everyone. ok not everyone but you catch my drift then they leave and i get on the computer and now im where i am now.

i think im about to blog about something else and call dj. wienneerrrrrr babeeeeeee



ok so my phone is broken well at least i think it is. i knew it was coming soon this trial was lasting wayy to long. lol ok background info for ya'll that don't know... so somethingg ALWAYSSS! happens to my phones like i can never have one for a long pd of time. my first phone i had for like a good one yr. but after i got a new whamp. i got a phone at the very end of summer '07 then one day in like october i went to DSW and lost it (i think i left it in a shoe box) then after that i got a new phone, then that thanksgiving i lost my charger, then i got a new phone then sometime in may i put that phone in the washer machine then i get a new phone and one night i was talking on the phone and i wake up around 5 in the morning to see my phone on my bed with a snapped neck [flip phone] then i get a new phone which was used and given to me by someone and i leave the charger for that phone in NY. Actually flip those two stories i lost the charger in NY before i snapped the neck. Then i get a new phone but i kept on dropping it and one day it finally broke then i get another phone which was again used and i drop that phone in a bucket of water while i was talking on it then one i get another phone which was used but i didn't have a charger for that one but my brother did so i used that phone while he was down here.. so brother leaves and i'm in my room and i see a old chargers from old phones i've had and i find a charger that can go in to the phone that i had that i left the charger in New York i was so happy so that's the phone i've been using but today i broke it due to water damage lol. idk whty i'm lauging cause there's nothing funny about this mann. i'm so upset, i'm always breaking a phone. but it may not even be broken but like if i take it off the charger it goes off and then when i have it on the charger and i turn it on it goes off in like 15 secs so iounoooo mann.


i'm soo excited....

jennifer's fixing my bracelet for me. i love that girl lol. but ok so in dance class emily was making bracelets and since i wanted to make one i got some yarn and started doing but i had to learn b/c i didn't know how to but i keep on messing it up so i had to re-do it and jennifer's starting it off for me. it looks so dope.

Tommorrow is the last day of school i'm so excited; i'm gonna miss alot though :( but summer will be fun :)but i will miss jennifer the most! (aha she wrote that obviously) yesterday i had something to write about but since i never got on the computer i couldn't write it and now i forgot what i was gonna say and it was a good topic. hey idk how to follow people and it's annoying; i'll figure it out. oh yea tommorrow last day of school right well something suprising is gonna happen but i can't tell you :)

Morgan keeps on telling me to stop blogging; she just not it ;) lol okay well idk what to say anymore so done ditto!


i got his name stickered on my wrist bitchh :)

lol i'm so thuggish lol NOT. i'm listening to Miranda telling me about all her drama, and Beau keep on coming around here unplugging shit. boys fixing get slapped lol i love Beau.

"Ore you should be nominated for Most Fashionable." -Miranda
lol i was flattered :) Miranda's fixing to make a blog yayyy. ok so this weekend was pretty chill had dance thing on friday. we looked cute :) then after went to the mall. WASTE OF TIME.. lol :) Saturday came up and spoke to Jennifer. talked about her lover who she claims she doesn't like BULLSHITTT! :) I cleaned and went to the hospital to visit my granny. Then late at night i went to my cousins house and spent the night. Sunday came and i went to the hospital again then got ice cream then celebated a bday at Chuck E. Chesse's. it was funn.

RANDOM NOTE: It's been 10 days. WOW!

i just took the sticker off my wrist and there's an imprint now. okay so Jennifer wants to blog on my blog so here it goes.

she says i like "the sun" but i know thats not true....... she thinks she is a matchmaker but, lets not ruin her dreams :) let's just say even if i liked him nothing would ever come of it!