i know you wanna taste it, but imma make you chase it

THE "CHASE". lol. so i started typing this blog yesterday but i couldn't think of anything to say. well i had alot to say but i couldn't like type it idk all i typed were the first 3 words you see. Soo anyways i go look at my horoscope and i see this:

Capricorn (december 22-janauary 19)

You are in charge of your relationship this week. Embrace it! Is there something you really want to do with your honey? If so, you're going to have to make the plan. If you aren't willing to assume the leadership position, things may go awry. It takes two to make a thing go right, but right now, it's on you.

I was like oh really?? haha what a coincidence. This blog was gonna be like about how when you're talking to someone, or like if your going out w/ someone and it's like your chasing the other person. I was gonna be like i hate when your the one that's chasing, it's soo not tight well at least that's how i feel about it. Idk maybe cause i'm a girl, and i think the girl should never be the one that's chasing the guy. Like that's a man's job booo, but idk some girls like to chase & some guys like it when they're being chased. Sooo w/e floats your boat, but i guess us Capricorns are in charge this week lmao.

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