thoughts much..

Boooo i'm like dying, i hate being put in posititions like this like wtf man why am i doing this?? Maybe cause i don't know how he feels so i just don't wanna be like i'm off it. And like i don't even wanna have to say that . But like grrrr i wish it was like it used to be; before the 16 or 14 or however long it was was trail [yes bitch i counted lol] but forrealll like it SUCKS so much i don't even know if i'm sad or mad. I think i'll say i'm more mad but am getting sad simply cause i can't do anything. Like wtf, why haven't i seen you yet?? It's kinda frustrating when i think of it but that's a whole nother story. And the part that SUCKS the Mooost is not knowing how you feel. Like am i the only one that feels this way or not? And like not knowing how the ask you like all these 21 questions. Like OMG it's frustrating mannnn. And sometimes i can get to acting like this when i feel all soft and ishh and what i say isn't really how i feel, but i even feel this way when i'm like normal. Like right now i'm typing this and i feel normal but when i typing this on my phone boys was all soft but i still feel the same way sooo i think this is like forreal??

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