That's how you feel?

On the phone w/ Dj. Ahh this boy thinks he's IT. Lmaooooo ahhhhhhh the stuff that's coming out of his mouth is crazy.. Lol MAD NUTS! This kids a character!


Lol i'm so not into that soft gushy mushy stuff anymore. Ahhh f'n cakes!!

p.s. i'm so excited for Real Housewives of Atlanta!!


"I mean, he was a man; men do this type of thing because they're dogs. But she was a woman. Didn't she have any shame?"

Ahhhh i love this book, i can't wait to finish. I'm almost there; there's so much anticipation and everything. It's such a whirl wind. If you ever read this book make sure you read The Preacher's Son and The First Lady first, in that order lol

Pish Posh

I do stuff intentionally and act like it wasn't planned alot lol
I'm so into that horoscope stuff
I still want my hot pink gshock; i had a pink baby g when i was younger:)
I'm scared of dogs, but i want 2small ones and 2 xtra small ones [teacups]
I also want 2 pigs, that don't grow.. they stay small
When i was younger i used to wanna be a farmer so i could have pigs
Tyra Banks and June Ambrose are like my favorite celebrities
Rihanna and Amber Rose are so bad ass:)
Derwin from the game [Pooch Hall] is the sexiest actor alive
I have hot pink dr.martens [got them on Jan.9] and i've still NEVER worn them :/
When i grow up i'm gonna save my $$ for a Hermes birkin bag
I love big cars, when i'm 16 i want a black ford f-150 & at 27 i want a Mercedes G-wagon
I love going to teenvogue.com and looking at the Girls of the Week
I adoreeee good fashion blogs. Mines will soon be bomb just wait
My favorite store is Zara, however most of my clothes come from F21 and Urban Outfitters
Super high heels and fetch sandals:)
I love people who style effortlessly and look so beast, sometimes it's not needed to do much
I only follow like 10 normal people on twitter, the rest are celebrities.. i follow 100 ppl lol
"Fashion fades, style is eternal" - YSL? [ i dnt remember]
I really wanna meet Jackie O, Coco Chanel, and MLK
I want to study African American Studies.. like all the slave stuff fascinates me [not necessairly in a good way] but like i wish could've seen it all first hand, and also all the racism after slavery
Acoustic music is niceeeeeeee
Funny, cool boys are great
My moods can switch just like that, and sometimes they switch for no reason..like i can be sad and don't know why
I eat stuff differently.. like i warm my rice krispies for a certain time and i like burnt mac and cheese w/ ketchup etc.
Every thing reminds me of a song..typing that i just started singing remember the time by mj
Michael jackson is like my favorite singer.. i didn't notice that until after he died :/
People say i sound white.. Once this boy said that i sound like those white peolple, who try and talk black.. but it's funny cause i am black. ouchhh
I wanna fly away to Toyko!



Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So i was roaming around on the internent, reading peoples blogs and what not and like some posts was about how everyone has a blog now and blah blah blah this talking bout how they don't like that, and how they think they are gonna stop blogging because of that. They were literally complaining about how a whole bunch of people now have blogs. OMG BIG FUCKING DEAL!!! Like B up! It's really not that crucial like chilllllll. Like do you really think that you were the first person to make a blog?? Or do you think that ever since you made your blog that everyones copying you. Oh it annoys me so much. I've known about this blog stuff for a longgggg time now. Like the first blog i've ever went to was like in 2007, 2yrs ago. Hmmm did u even know that blogspot exisited. Probally not! And like the first blog i made was in December 2008, yess before yours. And like i don't see how it can bug people so much that more people are getting exposed to this website? The whole world can have a blog for all i care. It doesn't bother me one bit, and i don't see how you can be. But see YOU who is bothered, bothers ME simply b/c you're bothered for no reason. Do you think this website is exculsive or something ......like c'mon boo :)

the block is HOT.

Owww baby this computer is actin' up and i'm kinda scareeddddd b/c i don't want them to say that i caused a virus lol but newayss i'm kinda bored.

Hmmm, i wanna speak on this picture. It looks like i'm tryna smile.. but i'm really not. I took this pic on July 24. I bought the rosery at a flea market and i had to make sure i washed it before i wore it.. i have sensitive skin lol. Mhmm i bought that shirt at Taxi Taxi [montrose] && idk if i really like this picture?

Well it's 5:16 and i need to be out the house at 5:30, so that means i have to be out! Peace<3


mayb i'm just a bad girl?

Hmmm, i'm not supposed to be on this laptop cause it has a virus or something, but it's workin so heyyyy! I have nothing going on today, but who knows stuff may pop up. This weekend was pretty cool. Friday, i went to the storage and got some more of my clothes. For ya'll who don't know i moved and i still have some of my clothes in the storage, so i wnt there to get some more cause ya girl was running out of things to wear. When i got home from there i washed my hair and everything. Then i had to get ready cause i was going to a step show at church. The step show..it's was cool i guess you can say. There was so many african people there, i was like yeehh! Lol i've never been in a place w/ so many of them. Hah idk why i'm saying them cause i'm one of them. When it was over there was a whole bunch of people outside, and we were all socializing lol. This one boy was tryna teach Wale how to jerk WHAMP! Oh and i traded bracelets w/ this boy. When i got home that day i was going crazy cause i really wanted my bracelet back. It was the first one i got and it was so different. Like no one has one that color LITERALLY. Saturday i was w/ Tonia:) [iloveher] we went to go eat at Willie's, then we went to the mall and saw Ivie and Precious and us four joined and walked around the mall for a while. We took a zillion of pictures, simply b/c none of the pictures came out right, we finally left to go to the movies and we get there and the movie was SOLD OUT. We were like ughhhh if we didn't take all those damn pictures. And the whole point of the day was to watch the Orphan. It was sad lol, but tommorow me her and this girl Sarah are going to watch it.. i'm excited! lol. Sunday i went to church. The boy i traded bracelets w/ was there, and i was pleading with him to give me my bracelet back, and i would give him another one. Ol boy was persistent and didn't wanna switch.. i was sad , but then he finally gave in :) I was happy. I gave Aj the sweater i bought him a long time ago :/ It was BITTERSWEET, but that's a whole nother story :( He seemed as if he liked it though sooo... After church i wnt to the twins house. Those girls are so funny!!!!!! We were talking about eveything like always. I left their house around 10:30ish and came home and slept around 12:30. I was so tired!

The end.


Ugh i wish i could write like poetry. I mean i can like at school and stuff when i'm forced it works out, but like it's nothing deep. But like on some of my posts' like the soft ones, i wish i could write them in like poetry form. Like with verse and rhythm aand i wish i could rhyme...



Im about to leave the twins house. I've been here all day. Ehh im probally not gonna blog for a while b/c i dnt have a computer to get on. Simply b/c the computer at home is getting fixed. That explains my lack of posts the days before, but until then.... :)


Ahhhhhh, look at them wearing ankara. SO TRUE!!!! lol Fergie, and Solange in the back. The designs are so true too:)


i have so much to blog about, but right now i can't even think. im too busy thinking of the past?

Hahaha LOOK! Slim Thug cut off his braids. It's a good look though ..braids are getting old.


Ugh it's thundering, ant that makes me sad. I'm sad cause I want something i can't have .....or can i? Eh i'm not sure on that one. I'm steady thinking of the situation i'm in DAMN BLOGS! lmao jk. Anyways though i think i kinda miss someone :/


i lost my mind, and i still haven't found it

UGHHHHHHHH the plan tonight is to go watch the orphan w/ tonia p there phones!!!!! [http://www.tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com] butttttt i have to ask and no one is picking up.grr i'm so aggitated:/


Party and Bullshhhhit

Ah it's 11:48 a.m., i woke up exactly 2 hrs ago [9:48] w/ that new letoya luckett song stuck in my head; expecting to watch Tyra at 11 .. not only to figure out it was an old episode. But like maynee really Tyra needs to get some new episodes like c'mon it's been a while now shawttyy like wtf are you doinn? lol seriously though. I'm super hungry i think when i get off i'm gonna make some french toast and eggs. Ehh i'm kinda changing my blog, you'll probally notice over time. But mannnnn i'm getting extra hungry, so i think i'm gonna make the food NOW lol i'll post a pic of how it turns out.. like you care hahaha

i like how the title of this blog has ABSOULUTELY NOTHING to do w/ it. Hah but it's w/e


lol i just figured out what button i click to ACTUALLY follow blogs. Like i thought i had to do the picture stuff, and it showing me under their "followers" section meant i follow them. But actually you click another button, and that's when u follow them for real, for real and their blog is shown on your profile under "Blogs I follow". Hahaha well at least i think i'm right? It doesn't really matter though cause i don't really "follow" anyone, but i do visit some blogs faithfully! lol



Black Barbie i love to party up all night having fun just like the White one

Vogue Italia : Black issue x Barbie

I love Barbie, like SERIOUSLY. I probally had like 50 million when i was younger lol maybe i'm over exaggerating; ahh im so buying this issue.

peep the shirt, you may not notice but it's a black barbie see the afro, and the words barbie in pink and gold? lol w/e :)
I'm not one to hold grudges, but i think what u did was unacceptable. I think what you did was one of the most stupidest, dumbest, disgusted things you'd ever do. I hope you think about what you did and fell really DISTGUSTED over your actions. I'm done


tweet tweet:)

i think you should make a twitter, if u don't have one :)

follow me: twitter.com/chanelbel

lol i'm watching Trading Spouses, and this one lady is so judgemental [that's so not good]!!

p.s. you should go visit http://www.tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com/ << i love that blog && i love that girl even more ♥ :)


WE DON'T LOVE THEM HOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Text ColorEwww, i'm DISGUSTED! I can't believe what i just saw w/ MY own two eyes lol damnnn.

it's 5:02 and i just got off the phone w/ ___ not to long ago :) i think it's time for me to go to sleep.


Speaking of hair..

Ciara cut her hair, i like it better long. Her make up looks reallll good though :)

I think it's legit. Lol I really didn't stop liking Chris Brown after he beat Rihanna, but i thought he pulled a hoe move. But ayy the most he can do is apologize so there it is!


14 in. Indian Remy Human Hair 1b, thick side bangs, part pulled in, and hair layered. That's what i wish my hair was looking like right now. I want long hair so bad, i'm so tired of short hair. And i do wanna grow it out, but like every time i go to the hair salon they cut it. You're probally like ok so why don't you tell them not to, but it's like everytime i go to the salon and they do my hair i love it and i want it to stay short. But then weeks go by and i'm like what's this shit on my head??! My hair would've been the way i want it to be [1st sentence] on July 1st but i want to the salon and the man told me not to braid it cause it would break it. I think that's bullshit cause his tactics aren't working. But yea i think i'm gonna get tracks in before school starts cause i just want long hair really bad. ... Hmmmm, i wonder how long my hair woulda been if i didn't cut it when i went to new york 2xmas's ago. It woulda been a legit length lol pass my shoulders, i could work with that.. Anyways i really want my hair long, but until the day i get tracks in i'll just hade to work w/ what i got!

What's your identity?

Don't you just hate when people copy you? At least i do when it's intentional. Whem i say intentional i mean like lets say we're shopping at a store i pick up something, i show you then now you wanna buy it. Like damnnnn WHAT'S YOUR IDENTITY?! Lol i had a whole lot of examples i've encountered but i didn't wanna put anyone on blast like that so i guess I'll just continue to ask anonymously WHAT'S YOUR IDENTITY??????

808's and Heartbreak

whyyy? like why?? i really wish i could understand, but i don't and it sucks. i can't say i'm heart broken, that's a little bit extreme. maybe jealous? nah cause it's not HER, but it's YOU. My pain comes from you, and not knowing why it is the way it is. Every single time i'm exposed to YOUR world i feel this way.. WEAK.. sometimes stunned and speechless. I MISS YOU, to the point that i still have text messages from you dating back to June 16 [11:11AM]. When i see you, and talk to you, you'd never guess this is how i really feel. Maybe cause i'm scared of your reaction or maybe i don't wanna seem like the girl who's crazy over a guy, who's not intrested in her at all. Yea i think the last ones it; everytime i say your name or talk about you i say to myself "hah, i'm sure i'm the last thing in this guys mind." ah i started typing the blog at 5:50 and now it's 6:15. I've barely wrote anything simply b/c i'm speechless in a way. I don't know what to say, but i have so much in my mind to say. get it?


I haven't blogged in a while, i have SOOOO much to blog about.

now let it begin...


ahhh shuckss.

lol so i just went to someone's blog, and we kinda posted to same thing on our blogs. she posted her's yesterday. probally looks like bopped, but nooo i promise i didn't lol

awwwwww babyy

Solange's baby Juelz, he's SOOOOOO cuteee :) lol he's gonna be soooo fine when he grows up. ahhh he's so adorable!

kiss me like you'll never see me again...

bout to start getting ready to go out. later on is gabby's birthday dinner. precious is coming, well thats the plan. hopefully she'll take me to go buy batteries so we can take pics for our blog: hautemistress.blogspot.com

sites running a lil bit slow baby lol

the waters running, gotta be out!

... contd

these boys are too bad lol


ahhhh some of these videos are EXTRA killerr. lol


Jul 10 2009

So on Friday i was supposed to go to chill w/ precious but she couldn't do anything anymore so i decided to bake a cake since i was crazy bored. It was called "Perfectly Chocolate Cake" ..and i got the recipe of the back of the Herseys unsweetend chocolote powder stuff or w/e that stuff is called. And pluss i made it alll from scratch it was my first time:) ...

Here's pics:

lmaooo this cake was SOOOO NASTY. Doesn't it even look nast, and look at the lumps in the second picture. Ewww lol when i tried it, it tasted so bitter and just gross. Hahaha but i refused not to throw it away, and the when i tried a little on Saturday it actually tasted better. I guess the coldness does something since i put it in the fridge. Lol who knowwss???

boss hog.

random: i love when i wash my hair and it gets all curly :)



i'm so tired, i was woken up at 10 something in the morning. VERY UNACCEPTABLE lol.

Aya babbyy where are you?? lol


.. and i hope it rains, cause your the perfect lullaby


This is like one of my favorite songs on her CD, but the video kinda looks off as in the song and her mouthing don't go together. If i find a better one i'll change it.

p.s. go check out http://hautemistress.blogspot.com it still needs alot of work done, but go feed your eyes haha


here are just a few of my favoritess :)

  • Summer '03 .. even though me and precious got bullied
  • When josh was bout to get in a fight w/ somebody and was yelling "It's space and oppurtinty baby.. B-moreee" lol calmmmm down
  • How they would be like 15 ppl packed at my house in the summer and we'd go to the pool and play games
  • When me and Wale tried to make tortillas and as we were making it all the flour ran out, so we were like hmm... lets try Bisquick and we did and it turned out as a pancake...lol DUMBASSES
  • Summer '07 when Sis.B, Wale, Jt, and Brittany were at my house and we ordered Dominoes 555 deal and since i had no money i had to pay the man 5dollars in coins from my mommys piggie bank
  • When me and my brother were flying to Nigeria in 2001 and he was telling me how we were landing at Murtala Muhammed and i was scared and yelling athim cause i thought he was talking about Iraq terrorist
  • Times when Aunty Aina would make rice, and my mom would tell her to mix the new rice w/ the rice from the day before and bro. siju insisted not to eat it
  • Once when me and my brother find out we were going to london and we started jumping up and down on the bed singing "London London London,look and see" lol IDIOTS.
  • Me and my friends from THE Village School :)
  • Me and Tonia singing some rugrat song at Aunty Lisa's slumber party thing.. lol funn
  • When me, precious, cutie, would be at Tonia's house and we'd walk to the pool like EVERYDAY.. idk how we did it in the Houston heat
  • Going to Dallas or Austin or San Antonio every single weekend to watch basketball games in the sumer
  • Going to Austin every other weekend to watch my brothers football games
  • When tope came to my house and put josh to sleep :)
  • In Nigeria when we would fire BANGERSSS!
  • 9th grade yr. english class
  • Miranda and her "ghetto" drama
  • Jennifer and Allison's beef... oh yea COURTNEY!!! lmao
  • Tope summer and how he was tryna get withh everrryy girl he could lol
  • When i went to Paris and the Disney Land lady told my mom to shutupppp.. oh lawddddddd lol my mom and precious's mom were getting on here
  • When me and Dj used to be bestiessss lol [i hope he reads this]
  • Me and Sabina sitting at lunch by ourselves sharing our food
  • Being w/ Ayrinn and Brionne after school talking about whateverrrr
  • Time I skipped french and stayed w/ 7th pd. basketball, then saw my french teacher after school omgg.. lol i didn't get in trouble though
  • 7th pd french w/ Evelio, Erika, Sophie, Noorulane, Alexis, and Tissy:)
  • 4th pd french w/ Faith,Erika, Jarrod, Daniel, Ricky, and Emanuel
  • 7th grade math classs
  • Having convos w/ Stephen about his life lol
  • When Tay would come over to my house like everyday after school, and we'd just talk for hoursssss
  • Me fighting w/ Aunty Aina every morning, and when i tore her clothess...lol badd
  • When i had long healthy hair lol
  • Me and Mandy NEVER being in class 2pd.
  • When me and jennifer were at the mall and i was asking some little boy to teach her how to jerk lol

&& the list goes onnnnn

Ah i added more but i'm not anymore cause this is gonna turn into a freaking novel



I've wanted to make another blog for awhile, and now i finally have. It's like a fashion blog, and it's not only mines it mines & precious's who's like my bf/cousin. right now there's nothing on there but that's gonna change soon<3

weekend cap

Ok so on Friday i went to the mall. I bought a romper from F21 it's toooooo cute, and i bought these hotpink earrings w/ gold detail on them. Then after the mall i went to Cheesecake Factory w/ Wale and we talked about stuff, about people (someone in particular.. hehehe) it was fun. Then I got home and just talked on the phone. Saturday came and i was supposed to chill w/ Precious but i also was going to the Galleria, and the plan was to chill w/ her after i got home from the Galleria. That didn't work out quite well though since i got home around 9. At the Galleria i bought some shoes...they're fetchhh. I stopped at the favorite store ZARA, and it made me miss NY soo much 'cause their ZARA is sooo much better. I was like ughhhh plane ticket now.. please?? lol. Then Sundayy, i woke and my eyes were like bloodshoot red. I went to another church, and i had to wake up early.. well earlier than i usually do on Sundays.eirhjehrjkehrjrerkhq34uoghvf i'm about to change the subject cause i don't feel like talking about my weekend and plus i just noticed that i went to the mall on THURSDAY and Galleria on FRIDAY.. ughh it's all messed up, but yea i'm about to talk about something else

Okay so i just noticed how attracted i am to intelligent or like sophisticated or like articulate people. I think those qualities are like the best qualities a human being can have. like omg i just saw some stuff and like i have chills lol i sound so gay but seriously. The best conversations i have are with people who are very intelligent, sophisticated.. articulate; also being deep. I live for conversations like that. Speaking or listening, or even so much interacting w/ people who withhold such qualities is something i very much love to do. Ahhhh like i would love to have a conversation w/ Lupe Fiasco one day or like Micheal Eric Dyson... like those would probally be bomb ass convos ...Ya think?? lol


My worst color is light green

soooo i was complaing about money and how i have none, then i got somee and now i have none. ok not really but this weekend i spent so much money. like ok i really didn't spend ALOT but like i usually wouldn't spend as much as i did in 2 days i was like oh my gosh! i have to make sure i don't buy anything until a while or until i recharge b/c i hate being broke.


Solange @ Essence Music Festival, the look works for her... don't those shoes look familar??? hah they're she same shoes under the Hot pink treat. Amber Rose also wore those shoes at the BET Awards. Speaking of Amber Rose have you guys seen her new turquoise hair, eh it's hideous.

Here's a pic:

courtesy of theybf :)


flyer than the rest of them...

ok so like everything on here, meaning my blog stuff is like fuckn up. Like for some reason i can't upload pics and like other stuff. idk mannn.

What goes down today? Aha who knowwss?

I'm watching the Fashion Show and it's such a knockoff of Project Runway, like get ur shit up man. But anyways i have alot to post on here but when my stuff gets right i can do all that :) but until then . . .

. . . still got my nike boots :)