mayb i'm just a bad girl?

Hmmm, i'm not supposed to be on this laptop cause it has a virus or something, but it's workin so heyyyy! I have nothing going on today, but who knows stuff may pop up. This weekend was pretty cool. Friday, i went to the storage and got some more of my clothes. For ya'll who don't know i moved and i still have some of my clothes in the storage, so i wnt there to get some more cause ya girl was running out of things to wear. When i got home from there i washed my hair and everything. Then i had to get ready cause i was going to a step show at church. The step show..it's was cool i guess you can say. There was so many african people there, i was like yeehh! Lol i've never been in a place w/ so many of them. Hah idk why i'm saying them cause i'm one of them. When it was over there was a whole bunch of people outside, and we were all socializing lol. This one boy was tryna teach Wale how to jerk WHAMP! Oh and i traded bracelets w/ this boy. When i got home that day i was going crazy cause i really wanted my bracelet back. It was the first one i got and it was so different. Like no one has one that color LITERALLY. Saturday i was w/ Tonia:) [iloveher] we went to go eat at Willie's, then we went to the mall and saw Ivie and Precious and us four joined and walked around the mall for a while. We took a zillion of pictures, simply b/c none of the pictures came out right, we finally left to go to the movies and we get there and the movie was SOLD OUT. We were like ughhhh if we didn't take all those damn pictures. And the whole point of the day was to watch the Orphan. It was sad lol, but tommorow me her and this girl Sarah are going to watch it.. i'm excited! lol. Sunday i went to church. The boy i traded bracelets w/ was there, and i was pleading with him to give me my bracelet back, and i would give him another one. Ol boy was persistent and didn't wanna switch.. i was sad , but then he finally gave in :) I was happy. I gave Aj the sweater i bought him a long time ago :/ It was BITTERSWEET, but that's a whole nother story :( He seemed as if he liked it though sooo... After church i wnt to the twins house. Those girls are so funny!!!!!! We were talking about eveything like always. I left their house around 10:30ish and came home and slept around 12:30. I was so tired!

The end.

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