Party and Bullshhhhit

Ah it's 11:48 a.m., i woke up exactly 2 hrs ago [9:48] w/ that new letoya luckett song stuck in my head; expecting to watch Tyra at 11 .. not only to figure out it was an old episode. But like maynee really Tyra needs to get some new episodes like c'mon it's been a while now shawttyy like wtf are you doinn? lol seriously though. I'm super hungry i think when i get off i'm gonna make some french toast and eggs. Ehh i'm kinda changing my blog, you'll probally notice over time. But mannnnn i'm getting extra hungry, so i think i'm gonna make the food NOW lol i'll post a pic of how it turns out.. like you care hahaha

i like how the title of this blog has ABSOULUTELY NOTHING to do w/ it. Hah but it's w/e

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