weekend cap

Ok so on Friday i went to the mall. I bought a romper from F21 it's toooooo cute, and i bought these hotpink earrings w/ gold detail on them. Then after the mall i went to Cheesecake Factory w/ Wale and we talked about stuff, about people (someone in particular.. hehehe) it was fun. Then I got home and just talked on the phone. Saturday came and i was supposed to chill w/ Precious but i also was going to the Galleria, and the plan was to chill w/ her after i got home from the Galleria. That didn't work out quite well though since i got home around 9. At the Galleria i bought some shoes...they're fetchhh. I stopped at the favorite store ZARA, and it made me miss NY soo much 'cause their ZARA is sooo much better. I was like ughhhh plane ticket now.. please?? lol. Then Sundayy, i woke and my eyes were like bloodshoot red. I went to another church, and i had to wake up early.. well earlier than i usually do on Sundays.eirhjehrjkehrjrerkhq34uoghvf i'm about to change the subject cause i don't feel like talking about my weekend and plus i just noticed that i went to the mall on THURSDAY and Galleria on FRIDAY.. ughh it's all messed up, but yea i'm about to talk about something else

Okay so i just noticed how attracted i am to intelligent or like sophisticated or like articulate people. I think those qualities are like the best qualities a human being can have. like omg i just saw some stuff and like i have chills lol i sound so gay but seriously. The best conversations i have are with people who are very intelligent, sophisticated.. articulate; also being deep. I live for conversations like that. Speaking or listening, or even so much interacting w/ people who withhold such qualities is something i very much love to do. Ahhhh like i would love to have a conversation w/ Lupe Fiasco one day or like Micheal Eric Dyson... like those would probally be bomb ass convos ...Ya think?? lol


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