Cat and Mouse

Even though they think i'm mean and i think they're annoying/naughty i still love them :)
Ebunny x Misty


My horoscope via Teen Vogue [shortened]: Make some pampering appointments or you'll be overwhelemed by the 9th; Love: Your love life's been on pause for the past two months, but on the 7th it will leeap into fast-forwars. Before you dive back in, tie up any loose end from past relationships. ---Yikes! i think i have to do something major now, it's official



So i was talking to one of my friends one day at school and she was talking about this boy, how he wants to talk to her and blah blah blah. I asked her "do you wanna talk to him?" ..she was like nahh and i was like why? ..she said she really doesn't wanna talk to anyone right now or have a boyfriend which i understand. Then i ask have ya'll even talked? and she was like he has my number. You gave it to him?? She was like yea

Then it had me thinking: Why do ppl "talk" to people when they don't want anything further to go on? I understand if you don't wanna be with anyone, like that's perfectly fine. But why would you put yourself in such a sitution? Like my friend from above if she doesn't wanna talk to the guy then why give him your number? ..to be friends? There's nothing wrong w/ just giving someone your number but I mean if a guy is trying to get at you, he's not gonna come at you w/ some strickly friend type stuff. And what happens if you fall for him? You put yourself in a freaked situation. And even if you two don't "go out" overtime as you two connect and get closer it's gonna be like ya'll are together even it it's not official.

"The worst thing a guy can do is making a girl fall for him when he has no intention of catching her." via ihatequotes [and i believe this quote is for BOTH genders]


i just noticed that i only posted 10 times this month of March. Wellll, this is the 11th. Dang there was really nothing to blog about. *Whamp Whamp*

Kids Choice Awards 2010

My Chick Miley Cyrus

Tyra! Lord knws how much i love her, but her stylist FAILED @ this one

i spy Spank :) --oh there he goes :)))))

KeKe Palmer

The Simmons family [i love Angela's necklace ..such a statement]

&& obviously i saved the best for last; Diggy and that guy J.B. !!!! lol Two ULTIMATELY cool guys.


i'll admit it

My blog is starting to suck now. Hopefully i can change that.


5 wants

1. i want to go to Toyko

2. i want to meet Tyra Banks

3. i want to get minx nails

4. i want a mercedes g wagon

5. i want to be succesfull

*ahha super random, not in order though :)

In all actuality

You'd probably "learn" "get to know" me more on my blog. A lot of times i stay guarded. And when i say that i don't mean i stay in a corner and stay all shy and stuff cause i don't. I'm still me when guarded, i just act with more precautions. It's not like i'm that w/ everyone though there are those few ppl who i just vibe w/ or the folks i've known for a gazillion yrs who i cnt go wrong w/ but other then that you'r in a different catergory. You never know what you can get out of someone, what ppl can do/say about you, so you really just need to watch out cause you'd hate to be that person who feels as if all has failed.

Quote me suckasss

via twitter Classy_femme:

Why is it that the bad things always overshadow the good things?
14 minutes ago via txt

I guess cause we expect good 4rm ppl. But in all actuality u shouldn't EXPECT anything from any1, jst learn how 2 roll w/ the punches
12 minutes ago via txt

- xoxo




October's Very Own

So i haven't blogged in forever. Honestly, idk why. I guess b/c there's nothing really "blogworthy" to blog about. My mind has basically been BLANK. Everything just goes on and i really dnt have any thought on it. However! today it's kinda different. ALOT is going through my mind. I'm not gonna go into much detail though b/c i just dnt want to.... sorry?


i just can't let go due to the fact that i believe i'm not done nor did i ever get the chance to finish.


if only you knew...