Dear Daddy,

Can you please buy me a plane ticket to jet set to Tokyo, Japan.? Pleeassssseeeeeeeeeeeee.

Daddy writes back: Sure, baby.. anything else?


Pshhhh I wish.

thisis an old entry also:))

I do stuff intentionally and act like it wasn't planned alot lol
I'm so into that horoscope stuffI
still want my hot pink gshock; i had a pink baby g when i was younger:)
I'm scared of dogs, but i want 2small ones and 2 xtra small ones [teacups]
I also want 2 pigs, that don't grow.. they stay small
When i was younger i used to wanna be a farmer so i could have pigs
Tyra Banks and June Ambrose are like my favorite celebrities
Rihanna and Amber Rose are so bad ass:)
Derwin from the game [Pooch Hall] is the sexiest actor alive
I have hot pink dr.martens [got them on Jan.9] and i've still NEVER worn them :/ <-- still the case to this day smh.
When i grow up i'm gonna save my $$ for a Hermes birkin bag
I love big cars, when i'm 16 i want a black ford f-150 & at 27 i want a Mercedes G-wagon
I love going to teenvogue.com and looking at the Girls of the Week
I adoreeee good fashion blogs. Mines will soon be bomb just wait [hautemistress.blogspot.com]
My favorite store is Zara, however most of my clothes come from F21 and Urban Outfitters
Super high heels and fetch sandals:)
I love people who style effortlessly and look so beast, sometimes it's not needed to do much
I only follow like 10 normal people on twitter, the rest are celebrities.. i follow 100 ppl lol
"Fashion fades, style is eternal" - YSL? [ i dnt remember]
I really wanna meet Jackie O, Coco Chanel, and MLK
I want to study African American Studies.. like all the slave stuff fascinates me [not necessairly in a good way] but like i wish could've seen it all first hand, and also all the racism after slavery
Acoustic music is niceeeeeeee
Funny, cool boys are great
My moods can switch just like that, and sometimes they switch for no reason..like i can be sad and don't know why
I eat stuff differently.. like i warm my rice krispies for a certain time and i like burnt mac and cheese w/ ketchup etc.
Every thing reminds me of a song..typing that i just started singing remember the time by mj
Michael jackson is like my favorite singer.. i didn't notice that until after he died :/
People say i sound white.. Once this boy said that i sound like those white peolple, who try and talk black.. but it's funny cause i am black. ouchhh
I wanna fly away to Toyko!
DAMN HOW DO I START THIS OFF???? when it comes to YOU i wanna smile and then other times i don't. We were good but now it's like blank . It's crazy how things changed due a lack of communication right in a matter of days?? You got on me b/c of that but then when i make effort it's like okay, but then again there was a reason why it was like like that right. iounoooo man am i even making sense???soo i hate feeling like this i hate when i have to hide my feelings; not being able to say what i wanna say. why can't we be a little bit closer?? ughh i wish we were it would make everything so much MORE EASIER!!! grrr this feeling sucks like i HATE it soo much i wanna cry!!! haha ok not really but damnn i WISH i could call you and tell you everything i wanna say without any hesitition with out being scared or anything. i WISH i could call you out of the blue while not feeling any kinda way. i WISH we talked more like we used to but idk things changed and when we talk i wanna have like good conversations like deep ones, meaningfull ones. ummmm i WISH you weren't so busy all the time but i know that's not always your fault sooo. I WISH i could be extra up front with you i know it's been like 4 or 5 weeks (has it been more) but usually that's enough time for me, it's just differnet when it comes to YOU and i don't like it!!!!! UGHHHHHHH IT'S ANNOYING! it makes me mad when YOU don't text me and i think you feel the same way too, but im not to sure. i HATE that i don't really know what your thinking, or that i may think i know but i'll NEVER know if i'm right or not simply b/c we never speak on stuff like that. I HATE how when we text i can't really like sound you out. like most of the people i can figure out their tone when we're texting but ay you it's different. That's probally because we don't really talk on the phone as much as i wish we did but we knowwww how that goes. i WISH that i could ask you certain things and not worry about if whatever i'm asking you is too much like does your myspace status have meaning behind it or are did you just put it up there cause you thought what kanye said was cool??? i WISH you told me thingss, like you do but MORE like I WANT TO KNOW what people were doing that made you mad i wanna know about your day FULL DETAIL i wanna know what your REALLY doing even if it's staring at the wall. Am i wanting to know too muchh??? ehh don't think so but i could be wrong. i WISH that when we talk i don't have to be the one always asking questions to keep the conversation going. there's so much more that i could say but i just don't feel like it rightnow. maybe another day when you make me feel like this i'll say more but until then . . .

Oh geez! I wrote this post on May 2, 2009. After i wrote this post, i couldn't read it anymore b/c some of the things i said were just too much, and like the day after i wrote this my feelings were so diff. Oh yea, and the person i was talking about read this post also. Kinda Awwwkward. Lol looking back at this post though i was like woahh dang, and i rememberd exactly how i was when i was typing this, and why i got this way. Guys this is what sometimes happens when you don't pick up phone calls! Lol jk :)

like Whaadfuuuc

Lol! So i'm reading some of my super super super old posts! And it's crazy mann, some of the posts i'm reading telling myself you a trip! Some other posts i'm likee awww, and others it's like w/e. It's actually pretty funnyy :)


It's funny how you can go 4rm being Joe Blow, to everbody on your dick No Homo

Jealous people make me laugh, them caring makes them look way FOOLISH.




Hmm, so i'm tryna figure out what I should do this weekend. Either I go to Austin or stay in Houston?!


Fresh POLO on Deckkkkk

Ugh i hate when people be stressing over Polo, like it's super exculsive or whatever. Bro, you can defenitly get a Polo shirt at MARSHALLS for 12.99. Like ugh is it really that crucial? And people are like stressing like it's the new hot thing. Mann Polo's been around since God knows when. Like there's a group of people called who have formed a clique called Polo Club or something like that, i really don't care what it's called. But my question is... IS IT REALLY THAT CRUCIAL. Some people just need to relaxxxx :)

If you're talking about that Ralph Lauren Purple or Black label or even the HIGH END Polo items ..then that's a whole 'nother story lol

...until then, b up :)


All you hoes get is a fck you!

Man sometimes i just wish i could have an "F THE WORLD" kinda attitude. Like i envy people who just don't care. Well i mean it depends on certain situatons cause sometimes that kind of attitude can come off rude. Which i not cute at all. But like i love it when people just don't care and don't come off rude or have an attitude or anything like that. Too bad I can't be like that. I'm ALWAYS over analyzing and as much as i try to not give a fck ..it just doesn't work. [well i mean sometimes it does but thats very RARE] .. Actually i take that WHOLE statement back. Alot of times i CAN just not care, but that only happens when i'm dealing w/ ppl who i really don't mess with or think about. However, i WISH i could be that way towards EVERYONE ..no dissrespect.



So this whole day i've just been on the computer on facebook and all these other sites. I was on TopShop and i saw these shoes, and i was like woaahh i like these. They reminded me of the Christian Louboutin "Fred" shoes i'd seen in one of my Nylon Magazines a while back, and I loved them. Topshop MECCA Satin Laceup shoe.
Christian Louboutin Fred flat shoe. [ however the ones i saw in the magazine were hotpink, i prefer those ones way more, but for some reason i can't find them on the web anywhere!]

"I let the beat bang, i don't rep colors.. " -DRAKE

lisetening to Drake, Killer, i feel hard lol. Heyy, my granny's calling lol she's too funny!

P.s. I have like 6 ant bites! Lord knows the last time i've had a bug/ant bite. And they really itch, these ants show NO MERCY!


4rm Phone

Hey YOU, when you read MY blog DON'T think you know what and who i'm talking about. I LOVE to make people think .. YOU MAY THINK YOU KNOW, BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA ;)


Lol whaat's goingg on??? omggoshh! Lol let me quit. So i just read somebody's blog [hmmmm?] and like im so confused. What do you mean?? Lol geez.? YOU'RE MINESS?! DAMN IT, WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND???! lol Gosh, DAMN BLOGS [ you'd be learing some much stuff about people, blogs are messyyy! lol] !
These post I be posting would probally be more JUICIER if i'd tell you who im talking about huhh?? Hmmm, maybe one day i'll be BOLD and let everything out.

...Until Then <3


I hate when ppl text me and i reply, and then they don't reply ...wtf?

So it seems like i haven't blogged in forever. It's crazy ughh. I really wanna blog about something.. I don't know what to though; OOH i have a storyy! I'll tell you guys about my morning.

-- So i woke up like around 3 o'clock in the morning RANDOMLY , thinking about how i don't know where one of my purses is. And this isn't any random purse. It's a vintage Versace purse, that my mom gave to me, andd it's real cutteee. So like i go crazy and start looking everywhere for ittt!!!!! Like every single corner, i'm telling you everywhere.. and yes it's like 30'clock in the morning. Around 3:45 i still can't find it soo like a BABYY i start to cry!!!!!! And like i tell my daddy and he was like don't worry, you can ask if anyone has seen it, go back to sleep. So like around 4:15 i go back to sleep. My alarm woke me up at 5:50 and im like DEAD TIRED like wooooahh it felt like i got 3 hrs of sleep. I was so tired i was wishing that i hadn't lost the hours of the sleep i did. So i wake up to go get ready for school and everythingg, and i don't ask anyone if they've seen my bag, cause im scared that they will say no. So i get to school and open my locker and see my bag in there i wass likee wtf? I coulda sworn i saw the bag on Saturday?? Smh, so all that unecessary drama. Right now i'm like dead tired and my eyes are like burning. But i have to get off now.

Peace, brittnae says Hi :)



Yea, I think that's it.




"You know when you see someone, and then all of sudden all the like you had for them like comes back," -Tonia [tonnybonandtreats.blogspot]
"Omgeeeeeeeeeee, yesss!!!" - Me

So I've to blog about htis for the longest time, but i think this phone conversation just encouraged me more.

The feelinggg....


Big business, minus the business suit.

P.s. ya'll see June Ambrose?..lol i love her. Must blog about her on the fashion blog: http://www.hautemistress.blogspot.com