I hate when ppl text me and i reply, and then they don't reply ...wtf?

So it seems like i haven't blogged in forever. It's crazy ughh. I really wanna blog about something.. I don't know what to though; OOH i have a storyy! I'll tell you guys about my morning.

-- So i woke up like around 3 o'clock in the morning RANDOMLY , thinking about how i don't know where one of my purses is. And this isn't any random purse. It's a vintage Versace purse, that my mom gave to me, andd it's real cutteee. So like i go crazy and start looking everywhere for ittt!!!!! Like every single corner, i'm telling you everywhere.. and yes it's like 30'clock in the morning. Around 3:45 i still can't find it soo like a BABYY i start to cry!!!!!! And like i tell my daddy and he was like don't worry, you can ask if anyone has seen it, go back to sleep. So like around 4:15 i go back to sleep. My alarm woke me up at 5:50 and im like DEAD TIRED like wooooahh it felt like i got 3 hrs of sleep. I was so tired i was wishing that i hadn't lost the hours of the sleep i did. So i wake up to go get ready for school and everythingg, and i don't ask anyone if they've seen my bag, cause im scared that they will say no. So i get to school and open my locker and see my bag in there i wass likee wtf? I coulda sworn i saw the bag on Saturday?? Smh, so all that unecessary drama. Right now i'm like dead tired and my eyes are like burning. But i have to get off now.

Peace, brittnae says Hi :)

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