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The End.




i won't let my guard down for anyone but ____?

It's so easy to hide how you're really feeling. I need to let it all out, speak on how it really is ..how i'm really feeling. but i am the one steady talking about "SPEAK W/ PRECAUTION". I just want to let it all go, i swear that's the best feeling ever, but it's so hard to just LET IT ALL GO.
f who's down for a deep convo? ehhh truth is it's so hard for me to let my guard down.


October's Very Own.

Today was ehhh .... dnt know how to put it.
I kinda set myself up.
i mean afterall it was my choice. I did plan to go to the game on February 16 for a REASON

I could only stare throught the corner of my eye. For a good 8 mins. Sometimes i would turn my head u know pretending to "look" at something elseee.
But we all know the truth.
At the game i was good ....
now i just took it all in. The whole situationnnn

tear drops, wassupp?


Mi Amor

Shannon Brown=My Love

Ahhhhha along w/ 50 other bball players. He's my 1st one though. When i get older i'm gonna be a hooper groupieee :)) lmao

Don't Judge Me.


I don't see how one can just tell another all their information w/o really much knowing the person. I mean just cause you've known the person for lets say 1 month doesn't mean u really know them. It's so easy for ppl to just throw things back in your face.

Speak w/ Precaution. && Be Carefull.





Nvr b4 Heard Random Facts about Me! ..

I haven't done one of these in a while, but it now begins:

I love putting number signs [#] in front of words, that i would put if i was on twitter
Twitter is cool facebook is getting wacker by the minute
I say wierd stuff at times
Ppl tend to tell me that i like to embarrass myself :/ and that i'm funny :)
At night i always listen to my playlist titled "slow" && i always fall asleep before Jupiter Love
I overanaylze things alot
When i get cranky i'm quiet and ALOT of mean/rude things are said in my head
I HATE repeating myself when i'm on the phone
I haven't bought a purse in a veryyyyyyyy loooonnngggg time
Before i post "status's" on facebook i look to see who's online
I love Rice Krispies cereal, espically when it's warm
I reminisce alllooooottttttt
I hate when ppl blow up my phone, but i also hate when my phone gets no kinda play lol
I don't know how to ride a bike
It takes me a long time to get over ppl
I do alot of REGRETFULL things
I'm gonna write a book of my life, but i'm not gonna publish it until i die
The dark scares me
I really don't like ppl [i think ya'll knw that already?]
To be honest my personality is really VERSATILE. only ppl that REALLY know me knw that
I wanna be a parent, like my parents
I dnt really get upset, but when i do i do 80% of the things i do are done intentionally, even though i may act as if not ;)



So yesterday i was on twitter, and i went to Wale's page b/c i lovvvveeeee his tweets. They're so funny and like real. He's so NORMAL, and he was talking about how he's gonna be premiering his "My Sweetie" video tonight at 9:30. I was like oh reallyy yayy! And then he tweets again talking about he's gonna air it earlier b/c he's getting all this love blah blah blah. I was even my pshyched! He uploaded it onto vimeo, but for some reason when i would try and watch it, it would act retarted. But now it's on youtube [yesterday it wasn't] ..but here's the video

lol last night folks on twitter were OVERLY EXCITED over this videooo.. it was funny

on the sidenote look here! i think's it appropiate to show off Alicia Keys and Beyonce rocking Boxing Kitten [i'm convinced, even though it's not said] who designs w/ ankara. When i saw this i was like yeeeeuhhhh. I know Solange wears Boxing Kitten all the time [i once posted pics of her and Fergie]

they were on the set for the video "Put it in a Love Song" ...my2favs :)



i really neeed to get my NEW camera A.S.A. freakin P. :))

random:i really hate 2 things in particalar in this pic, but i just won't say lol

World Cancer Awareness day was Feb.4

RIP Big Mommy


truth speaks

via @BobbyDisaster:
I'm bitter. And I don't give 3 2 1 f_cks. I give up, you care about n_ggas and they f_ck you over- you care about h_es && they f_ck ur dude.
&& the same peple who call you their f_cking friends will watch peple hurt you and not say a d_amn thing. Guess what?! F_CK y'all too!

I bend over backwards for n_ggas half of y'all wouldn't even more a centimeter outta place for me. F_ck all of y'all.

&& if you don't like how i'm venting you can have three f_ck you'r && press the damn unfollow button. Cause I DON'T give a sh_t.

And if you've ever seen a tear fall && you didn't say sh_t to my a__. F_CK YOU! Clearly I'm not ok.
&& I'm not talkign about anyone directly, so if you feel like i'm shooting a slug at you shut your guilty b_tch a__ up.
&& if you don't have anything positive to say stay away from me. I don't need any more damn negataivity in my life.
it's obvious that i love her WAY TOO FREAKING MUCH!! http://www.tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com/


let me take you down memory lane

you're probably wondering why i have a picture of weet-a-bix ...well i was eating some weet-a-bix today and i just remembered all these things of when i was childhood. And i had a little epiphany. Like weet-a-bix is one of my favoite foods ok, and i was like i think i love it so much b/c it reminds me of when i was a child. Each spoon of it i put in my mouth a memory pops up. Mannn i had ate weet-a-bix EVERY morning before i went to school. SHOUTOUTS to aunty aina for always having it ready for me, and my mommy for making sure a 24 pack of weet-a-bix always stayed in the pantry. When i really wanted to be full i would only put a little little bit of milk in it and warm it for 2mins so it could really thick. When i wanted to just be normal i would put a normal amount of milk in it and warm it for like a 1min or 1min30. When i wanted to feel grown i wouldn't warm it, i'd just eat it cold b/c that's how my older brothers ate it the few times they did. I get reminded of the days when i went to village school. i was so cooooolll cause of my older brother lol. EVERYBODY knew who i was. i was the only 1st grader who 8th graders would run down the hallway and hug. i get reminded of the times during the weeekend when it was time for laundry, and i had to make sure i had 5 pairs of socks to wash b/c if i had anything less i would get chewed out! it reminds me of my house in Garnet Falls :/ ...when i was in my first room my original room the lime green room w/ my name spelled out on the walls. i get reminded of the time when my mom would lock the BIG pantry so no one would take food out of there b/c there was too many ppl in that house lol. and the list surely does go on :)) i FREAKING MISS THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE.

awwww shuckss

my tweets :
@classy_femme:y do ppl stress about Valetines Day??..to me it's not even like holiday. It's like St.Patricks's day ..i don't care about it!! lol
about 6 hours ago from web

@classy_femme:#2wordsvday ...who cares?! i'm not over here talking about "efff v day blah blah blah" it's just whatever.
about 5 hours ago from web

@classy_femme:wasn't it just today that i was tweeting about how i dnt understand why ppl stress over vday ...and how it's w/e???!!!
about 1 hour ago from web
@classy_femme:....pls tell me why im over here getting jealous?! Lol wtf? #wheretheydodatat?? i guess b/c her valentine is HIM *sigh*
about 1 hour ago from web

What kind of transition was that?? lol. In my earlier tweets i wasn't meaning nothing like eff valentines day or not it was more like aww you have a valentine that's cute, and if you don't that's fine, it's no big deal b/c i saw how ppl were stressing over the fact that valentines day is coming. So i get on the computer and i see how HER valentine is HIM, and i was like Awwwww Mannnnnnnn :( but whyyyyyy....valentine's day is gonna suck! lol crap like that. Honestly, i think i'm just jealous b/c before i didn't care it was SHOUTOUTS to the ppl who have a valentine and to the ppl that don't. Also on a sidenote i hate how facebook have become this extra gushy site like ughhh take your like somewhere elsee! ...also this stuff in my newsfeed NEEDS to come to an end.

Allow me to REintroduce myself.

It used to be Lola Lee. Then it turned to Lola Leigh. Now it's Laila Li.

Too Cute

So Q from Day26 ...well actually he's not in the group anymore tweeted this link to the video and he was like that's why i still love Dawn blah blah blah some stuff like that. I watched it and i was like Awwww, i remember this epidsode. It also made me miss Making the Band, this season in particular. It was so good w/ both groups! But yeaaa what Que did was toooo cute. I remember everyone watching this episode and after being like hmmmmmm......we know what Que got! lol But i must say that him singing at the end was so SOFT and NOT CUTE! lol

i always thought it was silly anyways [jiggaman!]

JAY-Z DISMISSES 'SILLY' DEVIL-WORSHIP CLAIMSRap superstar JAY-Z has dismissed online critics who have likened his new music video to "devil worship" - calling the murmurs "silly" and "ignorant."
The hip-hop mogul came under fire after the promo for his new single, On to the Next One, debuted this month (Jan10).
The video features ram skulls, black crows and dark imagery - and Jay-Z can't believe some of the outrageous slurs on his personal beliefs which have since surfaced online.
He tells U.S. radio station Hot 97, “I don’t know where it started. I don’t know where it came from. I really think it’s really silly. For the record, I of course believe in God, but I believe in one God. If people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that separates people. I think it’s one God. I think it’s all the same God, and I don’t believe in Hell.
"Am I a part of some sect or cult? That sounds stupid to me. It’s ignorant to even say, and I guess that’ll be the last time I address that. It’s ignorant to me”.
And Jay-Z's collaborator, Swizz Beatz, who features in the song, has backed the star - insisting critics are wrong to read too much into a music promo.
He adds, "The video displays another level of art and creativity from two great minds: the director and Jay - and myself, bringing the collaboration together. (There's) no satanic ways around me and that's for sure (sic). I'm with Jay - I never see none of that stuff around him unless he's hiding something, which I doubt. That's silly stuff."

14 January 2010 12:17

(via: contact music; link: http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/jay-z-dismisses-silly-devil-worship-claims_1128644)

---i never believed the silly rumors anyways. No matter how much ppl say stuff and have "facts" about what they believe about anyone else ..it's always BEST to go to the source. and even before i saw this i thought to myself he probably hasn't addressed the rumors b/c it's a waste of time. if you know who you are then screw what other ppl think.
"Ni**as stuck on stupid, i gotta keep it moving..."


it Obvious

Lola Leigh came out today!

Smh :/