truth speaks

via @BobbyDisaster:
I'm bitter. And I don't give 3 2 1 f_cks. I give up, you care about n_ggas and they f_ck you over- you care about h_es && they f_ck ur dude.
&& the same peple who call you their f_cking friends will watch peple hurt you and not say a d_amn thing. Guess what?! F_CK y'all too!

I bend over backwards for n_ggas half of y'all wouldn't even more a centimeter outta place for me. F_ck all of y'all.

&& if you don't like how i'm venting you can have three f_ck you'r && press the damn unfollow button. Cause I DON'T give a sh_t.

And if you've ever seen a tear fall && you didn't say sh_t to my a__. F_CK YOU! Clearly I'm not ok.
&& I'm not talkign about anyone directly, so if you feel like i'm shooting a slug at you shut your guilty b_tch a__ up.
&& if you don't have anything positive to say stay away from me. I don't need any more damn negataivity in my life.
it's obvious that i love her WAY TOO FREAKING MUCH!! http://www.tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com/


  1. hahahahah ohhhh shittt, i didn't know i went in like that! ahahah i was pissed yesterday... :/

  2. Awww :/, but lol u sure were!