Nvr b4 Heard Random Facts about Me! ..

I haven't done one of these in a while, but it now begins:

I love putting number signs [#] in front of words, that i would put if i was on twitter
Twitter is cool facebook is getting wacker by the minute
I say wierd stuff at times
Ppl tend to tell me that i like to embarrass myself :/ and that i'm funny :)
At night i always listen to my playlist titled "slow" && i always fall asleep before Jupiter Love
I overanaylze things alot
When i get cranky i'm quiet and ALOT of mean/rude things are said in my head
I HATE repeating myself when i'm on the phone
I haven't bought a purse in a veryyyyyyyy loooonnngggg time
Before i post "status's" on facebook i look to see who's online
I love Rice Krispies cereal, espically when it's warm
I reminisce alllooooottttttt
I hate when ppl blow up my phone, but i also hate when my phone gets no kinda play lol
I don't know how to ride a bike
It takes me a long time to get over ppl
I do alot of REGRETFULL things
I'm gonna write a book of my life, but i'm not gonna publish it until i die
The dark scares me
I really don't like ppl [i think ya'll knw that already?]
To be honest my personality is really VERSATILE. only ppl that REALLY know me knw that
I wanna be a parent, like my parents
I dnt really get upset, but when i do i do 80% of the things i do are done intentionally, even though i may act as if not ;)


  1. i love your hair!! you look sooo pretty!! :)