...Ask me why i'm upset,

cause the lady told them to get me the wrong kind of hair, like what am i supposed to do with this synthetic mess???!
... but is that really the case right now? hmm, yea maybee. Then again ---maybe not.

I always build up things inside of me. I go on acting like every thing's fine always when really it's not. I don't express the way i really feel cause i'm scared to? ehh i don't know. In a result to that things build up, and when i get mad/sad over little things.. it kinda feels like it's a big thing. Right now i'm upset, and since i can't do anything about it i get sad.The way i feel right now you'd probably think that something kinda BIG happened. It's not good to build up anger nor sadness. Sometimes something big can happen and i just wannnaaa crrryyy, and crying would be appropriate for the situation. But i don't cause i HATE to cry, it hurts .. so i put the situation to the side and i end up not dealing with it. Then something little can happen that would make the avg. person semi sad, but then w/ me it would me suppperrr sad. Why? cause i start to think about all the sad things that i never dealt with and it's just all one big burden on me that's gets me in a DEPRESSION mode.

It's NOT healthy.


We have an appointment with Dr.Marten.

So i was watching Tyra as usual and she was doing makeovers. There was this young girl there and Tyra put her in some "Dr.Martens" ..they were doskie thoughh lol i was like c'mon Tyra you could've at least giving her the real dealll lol. But anyways when i saw her dress her up in them i was likee geezzz. Also the ones she had were hot pink just like mine.
--Side story: One day i was on my way to wal-mart and i was passing up some elementary, and they were just dismissing. This little girl had on some hot pink "dr.martens" alsooo i was like omgggg! i just wanted to eat her up. Too ba hers weren't real either cause she didn't have the tag at the back, and i saw the shoes [her shoes] at wal mart lol
Anyways back to the original story.. Me seeing them made me want to wear mines so bad. But idk though everytime i put them on i just take them back off. I've had these shoes since Jan.9 2009 and i stilll haven't really wore them. Plus they're big for me, so that stops me from wearing them alsoo. But one day i'll rock them. Looking at the shoes you might be like gross, but really you have to excute them well cause if you just wear them any way they can look like dirt :)


Karma's A _____

Ughhhh I hate how i do things that i end up TOTALLY regreting. I also hate when i do stupid things w/ no meaning. It makes no sense what so everr. At the end of the day also it doesn't make me feel any better? Likee really what was your reasoningg? And sometimes it effects other people, not always in a good way. I wish i could rewind and take back some things that i've done. Sadly i can't though


Today we took the PSAT. ehhh it was alright. It's divided into sections and stuff, and while i was doing the first section i totally forgot how it was timed. So im day dreamingg about like homecoming dresses and fall outfits and stufff.. and i look up and see "END TIME: 8:30" i was like Oh! Snapp i forgott it's timedddd. lol so i start to hurry and read these stories and answer these questions and it wasn't easy. The stories were like kinda long and they required understanding of the story. So i didn't finish the first section, the 2nd section i didn't finish either.. The rest I did though :) At the end we had extra time and i was talking to Karla :) and we were playing catch up lol it was so funny us reminiscing and everythingg lol i love her. She was like i guessed on all these questions and went to sleep lol silly.

--but it's fine though cause it really doesn't count



Seble, "Ore, are you wearing tennis shoes??" and I respond "Yeaaaa i knowww". Lol they're just converses though. Aha today i'm wearing straight legged jeans, converse, and like a t shirt. I feel so awkward lol i kinda wish i didn't put this on this morning. Ahh it's funny though cause like i look like evryone else. Ugh this so isn't a typical fit for me. But ayy in 3rd pd. i discovered how i want some low top dunks. Not sure which ones though yet. I thought of like the CUTEST outfits w/ them while day dreaming instead of reading. I'd never wear them with jeans though :)



Which books do you like reading?
I love reading dramatic books!

What's your favorite type of music?
Hip hop, r&b, some pop, Acoustic, some country ehh kinda everythingg

Where are your favourite places to shop?
My favorite store is Zara. But i love UO and F21 and any store in Montrose

What is your favourite colour?
duh! lol

How was your trip to Paris?
Umm i really don't remember that much. I went to Disney Land and stuff

What is your favourite kind of ice-cream?
Mint Choco Chip

How tall are you?
5'6" at least i think

What do your friends and family think about your style?
They think im Fly ..lol

What fashion magazines do you read?
Elle, Nylon, Arise, TeenVogue

What do you want to do in the future?
I reaaaalllly wanna be a Stylist, lawyer, and psychologist

What are your dreams?
I just wanna be i just wanna be succesfullll lol

What are your favourite blogs?
I'm really liking Malibumara right now

What cosmetics do you use every day?
Eyeliner :)

Do you have sister or brother?
I have 2brothers and 1sister

When did you discover your love to fashion?
Like 3yrs ago buddy.

Do you hear stupid comments about your clothes on the street?
Actually i have, but i haven't heard any in a longg time

What is your favourite food?
I don't even know, i like alll foods

How much money do you get every month? What is the most expensive thing you've ever bought?
Don't worry about that. Hmm, the most expensive thing i boughhhtt, geez i can't remember

What are your favourite movies?
Parent Trap, Losing Isiah, Coach Carter, Love and Basketball, Matilda and more

Do you have a pet?
In Nigeria i have dogs lol


Stop whipping the batter

Ugh i hate hearing people "cake" on the phone or i hate hearing/ seeing people being soft w/ each other. Lol, why idk???
-- It funny though cause yesterday i thinking about writing a post talking about late night cake session. gotta love 'em w/ a whole bunch of cupcakes and cake pictures. Lol and i PROMISE i was gonna do that. It's funny though cause now im posting a post talking about disliking all that stuff.

Let me put it like this: I only like soft stuff when it has to do w/ me .. if not i think it's yuck. well like 85% of the time :D

Got it?