We have an appointment with Dr.Marten.

So i was watching Tyra as usual and she was doing makeovers. There was this young girl there and Tyra put her in some "Dr.Martens" ..they were doskie thoughh lol i was like c'mon Tyra you could've at least giving her the real dealll lol. But anyways when i saw her dress her up in them i was likee geezzz. Also the ones she had were hot pink just like mine.
--Side story: One day i was on my way to wal-mart and i was passing up some elementary, and they were just dismissing. This little girl had on some hot pink "dr.martens" alsooo i was like omgggg! i just wanted to eat her up. Too ba hers weren't real either cause she didn't have the tag at the back, and i saw the shoes [her shoes] at wal mart lol
Anyways back to the original story.. Me seeing them made me want to wear mines so bad. But idk though everytime i put them on i just take them back off. I've had these shoes since Jan.9 2009 and i stilll haven't really wore them. Plus they're big for me, so that stops me from wearing them alsoo. But one day i'll rock them. Looking at the shoes you might be like gross, but really you have to excute them well cause if you just wear them any way they can look like dirt :)

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