Today we took the PSAT. ehhh it was alright. It's divided into sections and stuff, and while i was doing the first section i totally forgot how it was timed. So im day dreamingg about like homecoming dresses and fall outfits and stufff.. and i look up and see "END TIME: 8:30" i was like Oh! Snapp i forgott it's timedddd. lol so i start to hurry and read these stories and answer these questions and it wasn't easy. The stories were like kinda long and they required understanding of the story. So i didn't finish the first section, the 2nd section i didn't finish either.. The rest I did though :) At the end we had extra time and i was talking to Karla :) and we were playing catch up lol it was so funny us reminiscing and everythingg lol i love her. She was like i guessed on all these questions and went to sleep lol silly.

--but it's fine though cause it really doesn't count

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