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So today i went to the Topshop. I almost fainted, like i FLIPPIN love that store. It's AWESOME, like i see their clothes on internent and stuff, but being there it's different like i had a rrrrusssshhh, i believe it's appropiate to say that. Went to H&M got some stuff. Then i went to Liberty of London it was greaaattt. I've never been there before and it was great. It's like Neiman Marcus, but waaaaayyyyy BETTER. Like i was gazing at stuff straight of the runway. It was Beautiful. PLUS it was decorated beastly

--- On the way home this couple got in an arguement. I gotta get off, but STAY TUNED.

Ok, so it's OFFICIAL

..OMG it's been said, been thought, but like nooww it's like OFFICIAL ...


Like it's fixing to be 2010 now, lil mamaa that was so like 2008 get on top of your poses now. I was just on facebook looking at pictures and this girl had like 5 pictures with her middle finger sticking upp, and it was so GROSSSS. Espically when you have that little face like with your lips pressed together, and your eyebrows sticking up. Likee boobooo that's not CUTE.

..Am i being a HATER?



Okay so today i'm leaving to go to London, and my flights in the evening. OMGOODNESSS, Lord knows how much i hate late flights. I don't wanna wait, I just wanna get on the plane and zooooo! But yeaaaah... Suprisingly todays not that bad im just chillingggg.

Last night i had to pack which is like my least favorite thing to me b/c i wanna take my whole closet. I always OVER PACK. I never really know what I wanna wear so i just bring everything. However, this time i think i did pretty well due to guidance lol



Ahh okay so i realized that I want the Jordan Space Jamz! I know. I don't wear sneakers, but i just saw them and they're sooo cute. I can't really recognize Jordan's with the names and stuff, but i do know they numbers and the 11's, 12's, 10's, 8's are my FAV's. The only one's i'd consdier wearing. Mann i really wantt them, I may actually consider buying them, but like my only fear is that I won't wear them. Lol idk

They drop on December 23, and cost $175.

"I move onward, the only Direction"

I FREAKING LOVE JAY- Z, HOV- A, SEAN CARTER ... Call him what you want lol
I could listen to himm Allllllllllllllllll day and not get tired. He's so TRUE.

Feb. 22 he comes to Houston. I wanna go SO bad. I remember when i watched his benefit concert on TV. Ohhhmyygosssh. I was like dying, you'd think i was like ACTUALLY at the concert. Lol

>> I think it's appropiate to thank my brother 'cause if it wasn't for him idk if i would've ever found this love :)


My president is Black, my lambo's Blue.

Todayy was a GOOD lunch. Me, Tay, Mae, and Brionne had our yumm thanksgiving food pluss good conversation Lol. Umm so Mae was telling a story about what happened in one of her classes. And how these 2 ppl were talking SO DOWN on Barack Obama. And she was telling us the story and everythingg. And then we started talking about what would happen if Obama get assasinated. Lorrddd, it was funny. Brionne was like Folks gon' be boycottingg and ish. Mae was like SEGREGATION! We gon' have to sit in the back of the bus, back of the room "White overr heere, Black over ttheeerre" Tay said NOBODY finna show up at school, work, NUTTTINN!. And she was like plus if it happened during school and some white person came up to me during school talking meess i'd have to go Brooke from Real World on them! Lol

It was so Funnnyyy, you had to be there.

But Then we started talking about how IGNORANT, the people at our school get when it comes to Obama. Smh

It's reallyy sadd mayneee.


"Betta not slip, ICE ROAD TRUCKERS"

So i like how i have like 5trillion quotes on the first page of my blog. Lol exaggeration much??!

** But ok what's new? Idk. OMG So i'm listening to pandora right now and Me, Myself, and I by Beyonce just came on. It just reminded me of stuff. Ahaha So i have a NEW FRIEND :) pretty cool person. We're just alike ..we say it's a "CAPRICORN THING" lol we're both capricorns *whoop whoop* we talkkk on the phonee way too muchh, but it's good convo [ ol dude has at&t thoughh..i'm over here w/ tmobile..lol minutes are NOT free. i need to bring that up soon!! lol] we're bothh baddddd tooo ahaha. You're probably like ok how did the song remind of him? Well yesterday when we were on the phone this song was playing over on his end and i was like OMG i love this songg! And he was like okay let's sing it! lol crazyyy.
" showing off your a** cause you thinkin' it's a trend. " - Lauryn Hill



I hate when this happens

So last night I had like a MILLION and ONE freaking things to talk about, and now i wanna post some of the stuff up but i forgot what i wanted to say. Ughhh i need to just start jotting everything down so i won't remember


were MY D R U G
I was A D D I C T E D
now I'M going thru W I T H D R A W L .

it's P A I N F U L L !!!!!
".. And when she butt naked she dressed to kill! "


Lil Wayne is a MESS, MALES are a MESS.




don't underestimate the camera phone. lol



&& this the REALIST ishh i never wrote

... SO I just saw somebody's status on facebook [ btw facebook is messy tsssk] anyways back to the story. Don't you just hate when someone wants something, and your willing to give them what they want, but they don't realize it. Therefore they can't take what they want. Ughh, it FRUSTRATING It be like Dannngggg, Lil Dadddyyyyyy.

Anyways today I have a bow in my hair, and i look like a Doll.

P.s. I love Barbie :)

.. Quote Me Shawtyy

So last night I was like in a freaking state of depression, kinda relating to my sentamential post some days back :( but anyways i like spazzed and like sent all these quotes to my Precious :))

Look at them:

" The Earth is stuck on it's axis; ain't no sunshine when he's gone"

" How can you ask for happiness, when you're the one who called for madness"

" It's kind of hard to catch a rebound when you don't want to get rid of the ball"

" Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon.. I'm sure if i got another dose of my prescription i'd get well super quick"

" He has my heart, too bad he doesn't want it"

" Be my prescription, not my addiction; I lie you can be both"

Lol i don't know if they're that good, but i was proud of myself... After all the depression was out of me i had a really FUNNY convo. I should put up the text messages, but ya knw can't do alll daattt lol




Ever since i heard this song like last month i lovedd it, and i come across the video on the web.



"You was sleeping on me thinking it was Slumber Time, now i'm a Trending Topic lil mama, NUMBER SIGN [#]" -Nicki Minaj lol twitter ppl know what that means!

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I think they call this VENTING

I just wanna talk to somebody
Not necessairly talkingg talkingg, but like i wanna have someone i could just talk to and they understand me and where i'm coming from and they listen to me.
I used to have someone like that, but stuff happens of course. I miss that person SO much. Like us two could be on the phone from like 11 a.m. to freaking 6 a.m. the next day. All we would do is just talk. Talk about anything and everything. I would tell him things, and he would just listen.. and add his 2cents. He would also tell me things and i would add w/e also. Like i MISS him SO much. The fact that i can't talk to that person anymore, hurts soo much.
Yesterday i was doing nothing like all day
.. Lord knows how bad i wanted to dial that number, too bad i couldn't
Why? that's a WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY.
I just wish i could replace him w/ someone else, but that sounds way easier than it really is.
I think that has to do with me also. Like i'm really funny and friendly and stuff but like underneath i'm really deep and passionate. I don't expose that side of me so much though cause i just don't really get close to people like that. I mean there's some ppl who i'm really close to and i'd tell everything to. But like i've known those ppl since i was like2 so that's different. Like the person I was talking about in the beginning we started becoming cool in like May and it was like I knew him my whole life, we just connected.
I really wish it could be the same way w/ someone else, but i don't know. That was like my comfort zone, nobody can like make me feel so comfortable to just tell them everything, and like not many people can me feel ok to just be myself 100%
..And I HATE that. Maybe i need to stop being so guarded so i can get what i want..
Which is what i was saying i want earlier in this post. I'm just not used to being like that though, so it's kinda hard. I'm not the type of person who would sit down and get into a deep conversation like that. I don't know why i'm like that though b/c i LOVE deep, meaningfull conversations.
Maybe I need to work on that, yeaaa i think do.

..Times when i feel like this i just listen to slow love songg :(