.. Quote Me Shawtyy

So last night I was like in a freaking state of depression, kinda relating to my sentamential post some days back :( but anyways i like spazzed and like sent all these quotes to my Precious :))

Look at them:

" The Earth is stuck on it's axis; ain't no sunshine when he's gone"

" How can you ask for happiness, when you're the one who called for madness"

" It's kind of hard to catch a rebound when you don't want to get rid of the ball"

" Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon.. I'm sure if i got another dose of my prescription i'd get well super quick"

" He has my heart, too bad he doesn't want it"

" Be my prescription, not my addiction; I lie you can be both"

Lol i don't know if they're that good, but i was proud of myself... After all the depression was out of me i had a really FUNNY convo. I should put up the text messages, but ya knw can't do alll daattt lol

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