"Betta not slip, ICE ROAD TRUCKERS"

So i like how i have like 5trillion quotes on the first page of my blog. Lol exaggeration much??!

** But ok what's new? Idk. OMG So i'm listening to pandora right now and Me, Myself, and I by Beyonce just came on. It just reminded me of stuff. Ahaha So i have a NEW FRIEND :) pretty cool person. We're just alike ..we say it's a "CAPRICORN THING" lol we're both capricorns *whoop whoop* we talkkk on the phonee way too muchh, but it's good convo [ ol dude has at&t thoughh..i'm over here w/ tmobile..lol minutes are NOT free. i need to bring that up soon!! lol] we're bothh baddddd tooo ahaha. You're probably like ok how did the song remind of him? Well yesterday when we were on the phone this song was playing over on his end and i was like OMG i love this songg! And he was like okay let's sing it! lol crazyyy.

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