stylista <3

(3.1 Phillip Lip 2009 Fall Collection)
I love reading fashion mags. Omg sooo i was gonna talk about being a stylist stuff like that, but i'm on elle.com [ ilove elle magazine] and i'm looking at runway shows and like i'm getting chills. I'm in love with the dress pictured above. i love how it's perfectly structured unstructured make sense? The purple tights go real well w/ the dress. I wouldn't of ever thought of that, would've of thought of like nude lace tights.
Jennifer just called me gay for blogging; she just not on it :)
okay i'm about to go look for a picture of these shoes im dying for.
p.s. i remembered my twitter stuff yayyy!


i just was looking at a whole bunch of different blogs. they're so DOPE [well most]. lol Matt jst came here asking if i was blogging? lol he's funny. but ok so from now im gonna write about everything. well not everything but everything i feel is appropiate, and i'm gonna make this blog DOPE

Catch my drift bro?


truth is...

[ Canal St. Air Force 1's ]

These shoes are pretty dope. Who still rocks AF 1's? Anyways i like these, but i'd never buy them. Don't think i could pull them off; not really my style.

Side Note: I F'n HATE CANAL STREET! The people are sooooooo annoying lol.

tweet tweet

Ok so i'm like addicted to twitter but i forgot my password on there so i can't get on. And i could click the "forgot password" button but i also don't remember what e-mail address i used to sign up for it so that doesn't help. It's so depresssingg lol.
But ok it's soo wierd how like people (including me) are so caught up into "cyber space" like when you think of what these sites are about it's like wtf ??but it's crazyy how they're addicting. Like i used to be on myspace all the timeeeeeeee but like it's SO boring now. I'm still on facebook though kinda and this twitter thing. but like when you think of it's like what am i doing? the only thing you do on Twitter is update your status and people be dying to get on it. Idknowww i gets it's something in the brain that makes you feel the way you do when it comes to all these websites.


the study of the human body

idk i think it's sooo wierd how like us people are skeletons and like just everything. How muscles work and like how everythings works all together .. how does the heart know how to beat everytime it does?? it's crazy how like organs control your life; when your heart stops pumping your dead. it's soo insane.

ohh yea like today everyone has on hotpink. roger has on hot pink socks [home :)] I FUCKIN LOVEEEEE IT! lol i wish my camera was working so i could take picutures. jennifer's reading fml's it's hilarious.

outtt. blog later


24 random factss

ok since i'm soo bored i think im gonna do this

1. like nobody pronounces my name [ore] wrong.. lol but it's w/w
2. i prefer even numbers more than odd
3. original goldfish and oreo's [espically mint oreo's] are my favorite snacks
4. i'll talk to anyone, i'm really friendly
5. i love talking to little kids! haha
6. i smile and laugh wayy to much
7. sometimes i get mad and i don't even know why
8. i want a Hermes "Berkin" bag soooooooo bad, like i'd die if someone got me one
9. i dislike "urban wear" lol.. very much
10. my dream job is to be a fashion stylist
11.i can't stand people who think they're so tight when in reality they're so wack [ ex. 80% of the black people at Clements..lol]
12. I only trust 5 people in this world. Are you on of them? haha probally not
13. I LOVEE my family especially my brothers and sister and cousins and daddyandmommy
14. I can usually tell what brand people are wearing. espescially shoes
15. I can spot everything from Forever 21
16. I think 5 inch heels and hot pink/red lipstick are the sexiest things ever!
17. Tall boys= yumm :)
18. I want a truck so bad. my dream car is a Mercedes G-wagon and a dope looking Ford F-150
19. I wish i knew how to draw
20. I don't think 24 randoms are enough! lol
21. I'm like the most randomest person ever
22. I miss when i was younger and used to go to The Village School haha
23. I miss when i was younger and would go swimming in my pool with like all my cousins
24. I miss when i was younger and how everyone would be at my house throughout the WHOLEE summer [good times :)]
25. I miss alottttt of things when i was younger
26. I think it's crazy on how myspace is still running
27. I think alot and i think about thinking. it's wierd
28. Alot of people call me wierd
29. I think i'm going to end this at 35
30. I'm getting longer hair soon :)
31. I go crazy when i'm tooking something dry when my hands or feet are dry. like i start to get anxiety
32. I'm reallly nice but i can be reallllly mean also
33. I love listening to gangster when i'm mad or sad..lol it makes me feel "G"
34. I just spotted the cutest little boy ever! [he actually looks familiar]
35. I do stuff intentually and act like i didn't to get people mad




at school.. lol who blogs at school?? i'm listening to the friend Ari speak, he's so funny!! lol but anyways i have soo much stuff on my mind. guess i'll blog about that later b/c i don't have all the time in the world. WHERE'S JARJA?! a.k.a. the bestie; actually im mad at him soo nvm. can't wait for the bell to ring [5more mins.] but anyways i think im done. blog later on :)



Ok so I just read my "i WISH.." my blog well i didn't really read more like skimmed through it. It was soo hard like i kept on squirmming like i don't know i guess when i'm in a certain mood i feel a certain way about situations. A way i wouldn't feel in my normal state of mind. iounooo it's kinda weird :/ like the situation isn't tht crucial that at alllll, and reading it you would probally think that i have mad feelings for the person... when it's not like that :)


i just loooooveeeee this V Magazine swimsuit issue cover. I guess cause it's all pin up ishh and stuff plus it's hot pink :)

hotpinktreats <3


i WISH..

DAMN HOW DO I START THIS OFF???? when it comes to YOU i wanna smile and then other times i don't. We were good but now it's like blank . It's crazy how things changed due a lack of communication right in a matter of days?? You got on me b/c of that but then when i make effort it's like okay, but then again there was a reason why it was like like that right. iounoooo man am i even making sense???

soo i hate feeling like this i hate when i have to hide my feelings; not being able to say what i wanna say. why can't we be a little bit closer?? ughh i wish we were it would make everything so much MORE EASIER!!! grrr this feeling sucks like i HATE it soo much i wanna cry!!! haha ok not really but damnn i WISH i could call you and tell you everything i wanna say without any hesitition with out being scared or anything. i WISH i could call you out of the blue while not feeling any kinda way. i WISH we talked more like we used to but idk things changed and when we talk i wanna have like good conversations like deep ones, meaningfull ones. ummmm i WISH you weren't so busy all the time but i know that's not always your fault sooo. I WISH i could be extra up front with you i know it's been like 4 or 5 weeks (has it been more) but usually that's enough time for me, it's just differnet when it comes to YOU and i don't like it!!!!! UGHHHHHHH IT'S ANNOYING! it makes me mad when YOU don't text me and i think you feel the same way too, but im not to sure. i HATE that i don't really know what your thinking, or that i may think i know but i'll NEVER know if i'm right or not simply b/c we never speak on stuff like that. I HATE how when we text i can't really like sound you out. like most of the people i can figure out their tone when we're texting but ay you it's different. That's probally because we don't really talk on the phone as much as i wish we did but we knowwww how that goes. i WISH that i could ask you certain things and not worry about if whatever i'm asking you is too much like does your myspace status have meaning behind it or are did you just put it up there cause you thought what kanye said was cool??? i WISH you told me thingss, like you do but MORE like I WANT TO KNOW what people were doing that made you mad i wanna know about your day FULL DETAIL i wanna know what your REALLY doing even if it's staring at the wall. Am i wanting to know too muchh??? ehh don't think so but i could be wrong. i WISH that when we talk i don't have to be the one always asking questions to keep the conversation going. there's so much more that i could say but i just don't feel like it rightnow. maybe another day when you make me feel like this i'll say more but until then . . .


ok so i just got home well to my cousins house and when we were in the car my aunty was telling me a story about this girl named ally who's like family i guess i could kinda say.. well see i just saw her last week tuesday and a birthday party and she seemed perfectly fine well on wednesday morning she woke up and went to her dads room and was like daddy daddy i can't breathe i dont wanna die and than after that she passed out. Since her dad couldn't revive her he had to get someone to do CPR on her and then they took her to the hospital where she passed out again she then fell into a coma for 2 or 3 days and it's kinda scary cause when they got to the hospital the doctors where saying how two people had died already who were in that state she was it's real wierd cause like on tuesday she was SUPER normal or which it seemed and then in a moment of hours it just switched, but hey i guess that's how life is. You never know what's gonna happen next and that's sooo scary. Like i don't know it gives me the chills when i think about it, i guess you just have to be real careful when it comes to life cause like i said you never know whats gonna happen next. I have to make sure i use my medicine everyday know! lol


ok so like i made a blog sometime in november?.. but that failed cause i never got on it! so this time i'm determined to keep up w/ my blog. Plus i have so much on my mind to say; but gotta go now so be back later.. lol