24 random factss

ok since i'm soo bored i think im gonna do this

1. like nobody pronounces my name [ore] wrong.. lol but it's w/w
2. i prefer even numbers more than odd
3. original goldfish and oreo's [espically mint oreo's] are my favorite snacks
4. i'll talk to anyone, i'm really friendly
5. i love talking to little kids! haha
6. i smile and laugh wayy to much
7. sometimes i get mad and i don't even know why
8. i want a Hermes "Berkin" bag soooooooo bad, like i'd die if someone got me one
9. i dislike "urban wear" lol.. very much
10. my dream job is to be a fashion stylist
11.i can't stand people who think they're so tight when in reality they're so wack [ ex. 80% of the black people at Clements..lol]
12. I only trust 5 people in this world. Are you on of them? haha probally not
13. I LOVEE my family especially my brothers and sister and cousins and daddyandmommy
14. I can usually tell what brand people are wearing. espescially shoes
15. I can spot everything from Forever 21
16. I think 5 inch heels and hot pink/red lipstick are the sexiest things ever!
17. Tall boys= yumm :)
18. I want a truck so bad. my dream car is a Mercedes G-wagon and a dope looking Ford F-150
19. I wish i knew how to draw
20. I don't think 24 randoms are enough! lol
21. I'm like the most randomest person ever
22. I miss when i was younger and used to go to The Village School haha
23. I miss when i was younger and would go swimming in my pool with like all my cousins
24. I miss when i was younger and how everyone would be at my house throughout the WHOLEE summer [good times :)]
25. I miss alottttt of things when i was younger
26. I think it's crazy on how myspace is still running
27. I think alot and i think about thinking. it's wierd
28. Alot of people call me wierd
29. I think i'm going to end this at 35
30. I'm getting longer hair soon :)
31. I go crazy when i'm tooking something dry when my hands or feet are dry. like i start to get anxiety
32. I'm reallly nice but i can be reallllly mean also
33. I love listening to gangster when i'm mad or sad..lol it makes me feel "G"
34. I just spotted the cutest little boy ever! [he actually looks familiar]
35. I do stuff intentually and act like i didn't to get people mad


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