..I go to other peoples blog's and like i relate to them in such ways
..it feels so good

check this blog out: http://www.thoughtsofacapricorn.blogspot.com/

As my hommie Ron would say: "It's a CAPRICORN thing" lol

p.s. i love how capricorns are always aware that there a capricorn. like no other zodiac signs talk about their signn lol it's just one of the things i notice


My bday is on Jan.9th

i'm getting a new camera ..not for my bday though
it was supposed to be a surprise
..but mi madre spoiled it, once upon a time.

i think i wanna do something for my birthday, just for the gifts :/ *just to use these "ppl"* [did i say thaaaat?]
last yr, i got so many ..it was WONDERFULL.

...Hmm, we shall see.

p.s. i want those polo ranger boots*older post* and some pretty items :)

..for xmas i got some mac eyeshadow. Night Devine, i tweeted how much i wanted it once upon a time. Big Ups to tonia [http://www.tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com] she got me cute shoes too
Also i love my super small laptop, i WANT to change my skin though. it's "icey blue". my brother said it's "chinko color" [chinko=chinese] lmao.

how you like me now 'cause im real ...?


tehehehhe. ;)

sdfkjlhgajwefklja :|

People People People.
i'm so fed up w/ them like what the heck?!
EVERYONE is just in 1 big mosh pit, and they can all erode. lol does that make sense?
i'm so OFF people. I said it once and i'll say it again, and i can also state that this feeling is for real. sometimes i say/think stuff one day and then the next day i'm like what the heck? you're dumb for that, but i've been feeling this way for like a minute. And i think i should rephrase myself or be more specific. It's really the people i'm "arrrounndddd" with the exceptions of a few people[and i really stress the feww] . Like i could leave to a foreign place in a second and be good, i'd only NEED like what? 6ppl excluding my parents, and 3 out of the 6 are my siblings. I'd MISS like 8ppl, and not even like on the extreme. Mannn, thats why i get so happy when i travel b/c like i'm GONE. Everyone is just away from me, and i'm away from everyone.
That's why i think i'm gonna delete my facebook, like all it's about is people. everybody is on it. and Remember i don't like these people therefore there's no reason to be involved with it. Like what the heeck? It doesn't make sense. I can be by myself 24/7 and just be FINE. i don't need like any of these people. The times i feel the best is when i'm by myself, or lets say like w/ 1 other person. Honestly, people are just getting real annoying and old to me. && i can say for a FACT it's peoples ways that have me feeling such way. Like the person who wants to be down so baadd, the chick who's just doing the most on the .com and in reality, the dude who's just riding his homies ____ the hardest, or the person who swears they're bad, when really they're trash, the girl who has her mug on mean alll dayy like she's unstoppable, or the girl who feels she's something b/c all she does is mess around w/ dudes ..umm ho have a seat, the boy who's all about boxing or his "clique" like he doesn't have books to study c'mon get on your grown man ishh, or the person who just indulges in negativity, always have something bad to say ... like really ?!
really people just need to GET IT TOGETHER, when that gets done i'll mess w/ ya'll again. But until then ....

*note this does not entitle to everyone just most; more than half
P.S. No slugs intended lmaooo :))



i think i'm bout to make this blog black...
so i can really feel myself.




So today i'm leving, vamoos. i'm happy to get out of this place b/c everyone is really just annoying me. Lol and i'm thrilled of what i'm going to encounter, nigerian ppl are sooooooo funnny. today i'm getting my laptop, dell ho'd me. i was supposed to get my netbook YESTERDAY. tell me why when i tracked it, it was in freaking tennesse. anddd dell kept on calling me, and had me waiting for forever i was so pissed. my brother has the macbook pro, and it's soo legit. like i see them all the time at the apple store, but like this looked so better. Spacejams anyone? lol.. on facebook ppl are going crazy over them in every single way. if all my facebook friends had twitter's spacejams would definentily be a trending topic [#spacejams] but yeaa i'm not really tripping though. However, some ppl are, ppl are like all these people who are in line for spacejams are dumb, they're ugly anyways blah blah blah. Honestly, i think they're cute, if you look at my older post i blogged about them, and i'm not even into sneakers like that. Everyone has their own opinon so i guess everyone should just let each other be! Hmmm, what else is their to share??! i have an appointment for a facial on Jan.21. LEGIT too, anyone heard of dr.moore?? if you havee then you know the deal. Ahhh i'm so excited to get on this plane. I'm so happy my daddy got the afternoon flight then the evening flight. i hate late flights cause so much anticipation [ i blogged about that once too lol]. plus i love flying. i'm also going to pick up my laptop/netbook w/e you wanna call it on my way to the airport cause they were talking about the estimated time of it being delivered was 3 p.m., and my flight is at 3:30 ..not gonnaa workk.

but anyways i got stuff to do, bye :)



everyone's annoying right now, people need to get a life.


and i just be coming off the top as bestest♥

So Bedrock by Young$$ has beeen stuck in my headdd all day. Why? idk. So i guess it's only right to show the official video

fun facts: so the other female member in young money is that chick in the black leather jacket w/ all the rest of youngmoney she's also the chick at the end with the stuff in her nose lol and she comes out the pool with a green bathing suit on. Her name is Shanell and she's D.Woods sister from Danity Kane. Also since Tyga's been in YougMoney hes changed his name to Tyga Tyga lol


Polo Ralph Lauren.

So there these Ralph Lauren equestrian styled boots i want. I think i saw them in a magazine or something around October and i was like ohh these are so cute i want! Then like some weeks later Teyana Taylor twit pic'd a picture of her [pictured above] and she had the boots on and looked so cute! And i was likee ohhh i want them for sure. Well today i was on the computer [ya know xmas/my bday is coming up] trying to find them online, and check the cost, which is $669 [so out of my league]. Howeverrr while i was searching for those boots i came across the boots pictured below. They're called the Polo Ranger "Cookie" Boots, and the picture i saww made me go nuts. It was a male and a female and they had the boots on. I dieeeed, they looked soooo gooood. I was like Dang! i need to get these. Aha i should post that pic up, but nawwww i wanna keep it exclusive ya knoww ..EVERBODY would want them if they saw the pic LOL. Therefore, i'll post the pics below. I prefer the black and the tan colors. Also, they retail for $175, but i'm pretty sure you can find cheaper.

i Freakkkkkinnnnnnnnggg LOVE it!

btw so i'm listening to Alicia Keys new album. I LOVE IT; it's Great!


DON'T judge me :)

Where they do that at??! lol that's like my favorite thing to say, but i say like this: wheredeydodatatttt??? lmao
i also say ShakingMyHead way to much but i only say it in 3's like idk it's like ocd i have to. So it sounds like this: shaking my head shaking my head shaking my head.

**sidenote: today is my mommy's birthday!!! :) ily woman.

p.s. everyboddy needs to make a twitter like now! ppl think it's so dumb and stuff and like when i'm tweeting everyone's like your a loser. But i'm telling you it's ADDICTING. like it's better than FaceBook. And for all ya'll people that be updating yo status's ever 2-3 minutes ..Twitter is for you!! Don't knock it until you try it [twitter.com/chanelbel]


You da you da BEST.

Alicia Keys is like the rawest singer EVER. Ohmygoodnesss, i freaking love her. Whenever people would ask me who your favorite singer, i always be like i don't know i have so much, but i think it's her! [Hmm, ok that last sentence made me just think off all the other singers, i think im stuck again, but she is UP THERE probably #1 or #2] Her last cd AS I AM jamsssss. Like i could listen to it alllllll dayyyyy and not get tired. Like i don't know what it is, but it's great. I never really noticed how nice her songs were till i heard the whole album. Oh and her song Diary jams so hard as well. Last night on Take it to the Room on 97.9 they played one of her songs from her newest album that comes out Dec.15 and i was likee woooaahh, and her latest single makes me get that feeling. I don't know what it is but it's a good feeling. Plus her body is TOO MUCHH it's SICK ;)

im done.



This thangg turning into a book again..

Barbie x Christian Louboutin

Perfect gift for a Barbie fanatic, and fashion junkie :)



people are just getting old to me? like everyone is just blahh. or at least that's how i'm feeling right now. everybody is just getting old. i just wanna go to freaking pennsylvania or somewhere. right now my head is just clustered, i'm cranky for no reason. i think it's just one of those days. yeaa, hopefully i'll get better.
I saw this on [tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com] and was like oh! i have to take this. It's like TOO TRUE. Last night i had a dream about this one person, and the crazy thing is that i haven't talked to that person since Oct.18 and it's crazy. Plus at 11:11 i made a wish, can we guess what it was about???! Lol

Call me OBSESSED, mayneeeee i nons care! lol


Oh yea, btw..


- I swear i should be a pshycologist. Lawyer is me also, but i'm pretty sure i'd beast at being a pshycologist. Actually i'd beast at BOTH. But anyways i can read everyone's mind. I really know what you're feeling, thinking. Like if i'm being annoying/ pest, i know i am. If you think i'm being mean, ehh i know. I KNOW EVERYTHING. Ppl think they're slick, and they try and go around things crooked and ask me stuff on the "slick side". JUST b/c I feed into it and don't say anything DON'T THINK I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING LIL DADDY. I KNOW EVEYTHING. Just thought i should let that be know, so you can be aware :)



So i just went to my Dashboard and on the blogs i'm following and this girl did a survey on her blog about her closet *perfect* [www.stlyehurricane.blogspot.com] and the crazy thing about it is that she said she got it from her myspace bulletins. HOW FREAKING IRONIC!!!!

anyways of course i copied and pasted it here it goes [lol im so happy!!] :

Most expensive thing in your closet? the versace tops [they used to be my parents, i didn't pay for them! ]
A print you have a lot of?
floral, that was really big last summer/spring
What is your favorite color to wear?
all BLACK everthing
Favorite tee shirt?
i think this cut out shirt that says succes is so passe
Least expensive thing in your closet?
i got these two vintage dresses for a 1.75, i have cheaper but im not sure what exact amount they were [thrift stores are the best]
Anything stolen in there?
Do you have a walk in closet?
i used to. it was HUGE. i shared it w/my sister
Is you closet big enough?
i don't really keep my clothes in a closet
Something embarrasing thats in your closet?
lol no
Are your hangers wire, plastic or wooden?
wire and plastic
What color are they?
my plastic ones are ALL PINK!
Any food in there?
not at all
Do you keep accessories in your closet?
no, i have a jewelry box
Whats one item that someone frequently borrows?
no one borrows my clothes really
Does it make you mad when people take things out of your closet without asking?
it doesn't happen ahah!
Favorite jeans?
these 2 pairs that i got from urban outfitters for 10 dollars each. one's bleached, and the other is super tight
Any posters hanging in there?
What color are the walls?
One thing you would change about it?
Are you satisfied with your closet completely?
i feel like doing a survey, like the ones on myspace that you post on your bulletins. Lol sadly facebook is too cool for them therefore no survey for me


P.s. the realest song i've heard in a minutee lol, it relates like none other!



Ugh i really wanna go to Montrose right now. Sadly i can't cause i have way too much to do and no one to take me.

Side note: It seem like everybodyyy who's born in December birthday is this week. It's crazy!

Hmm, i'm bored. I shouldn't be cause i have way too much to do. My birthday is January 9th btw. Hmm, i think i'm gonna call Precious..she's so unreliable don't know why im calling. Lol


Today's my sister Ebunny's birthday. She's 9 ..eventhough she's rude and always gets me in trouble she is the most sweetest, caring, and intelligent girl ever! Happy Birthday once again.



Here's the few pics i took due to the LACK of my camera:

[Nike Town. All 4 stories]


[Liberty of London.]
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To whom this may concern,

I'm a BIG procastinator, and i get sidetracked by cyberspace wayyy tooo much.

"What's Good w/ the Morning Text" *females, guys can read too*

Lol. That's my little sayingg

But ok this is how I put it. If you and someone are "talking" or you think maybe you and someone are talking and you're not really sure if you get that MORNING TEXT then umm booboo that's a instant verification to let you know that there isss somethingg lol

now lets move on to the feeling of a MORNING TEXT, it's like they're sweetest thingss ever. They never dissapoint guys *remember that* lol .. Sadly, i haven't recieved one in a minute. Actually i have ...Hmm, but nvm i wouldn't catergorize it as the type of morning text i'm talking about in this post.

Ok, now let me set it straight. Every guy that sends you a MORNING text it doesn't mean ya'll are talking. A MORNING TEXT kinda just seals the deal w/a person that you may think ya'll are talking ,but not really sure :)

*If you feel indifferent w/ this post than so be it, just my pov.*


so i really need to put some pictures on this blog. like wtf has this turned into a freaking book???! and even so like what's good on the children books?!? Lol

I promise New Pics Coming Soon

Someone just told me that i'm just like Bella from Twillight, but less pshyco.

"Maybe this decision was a mistake you probably dont care what I have to say but it's been heavy on my mind for months now guess i'm tryna clear some mental space I would love to talk to you in person but I understand why that can't e I'll leave you alone for good I promise If you answer this one question for me I just wonder...
Do you ever think of me, anymore, Do You?" - Ne-Yo

I swear that verse fits my situation PERFECTLY, it's quite freighting. Today was horrible for me I just couldn't stop thinking of this one person. Every little thing I did/ saw this kid would pop into my mind. I went to McDonalds the one next to Lifetime in Sugarland and BOOM i thought of him. He alwayss would be at Lifetime; homeboy pratically lived there. Everytime he was on his way to the gym we'd make deals that when he got there he'd STAY IN THE CAR [cause if he went inside he'd get disracted] and talk to me for 5-10 mins before he'd go in.
All day today i was just around town, w/ my aunt who was doing errands. Everytime we'd go to a new place POW! he came into my mind. How? Cause he was always doing errands for someoneeee. And we'd be on the phone throughout the whole time of him doing whatever! He'd whine to me about how busy he is, and how he can't be doing these errands folks be sending him on and everything and i'd always tell him " Why don't you tell them that you have stuff to do?!"
The last thought of him was when i went to grocery store. I had got some Starburst gummies, as i popped the first 2 in my mouth BAM! He came intoo my mindd. Starburst gummy is his favorite type of candy, well at least one of them.

-- Theyy were wayy more, but like it's crazy how all these random things can make you think of one person. I guess cause we were so close and since we were always talking and i learned so much about him everything comes to my mind. Like everytime i pass a Whataburger or Buger King it's like he's right there.

It's crazy


Why do people type like this : Where are you going, ? or Where are you goin`?, or Where are you going;? it's Where are you going?

..Get it? Ugh, it pisses me off. Do we not know where commas belong or how to you these puncuation marks??

Get it together people.

"ohhh it's the first of the month, Bone Thug lookin' boy"

It was 4th pd, World History AP. I don't belong in there, but my teacher disagrees. We had to write a DBQ Essay. Ask me what that is, i couldn't tell you. I get to class and she starts passing out the documents we need to write essay. I look down and notice that this was the same thing she passed out yesterday and told us to look over ..the day before. The thought "omg i didn't understand this" freezes into my mind. I started to read the directions, then began reading the document. I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I WAS READING. Soon my eyes begun to glisten, and a tear crawls down my cheek. I'm CRYING???!! I start crying harder and harder, however i made sure i didn't disrupt my peers infront of me. 30 minutes pass and i finished reading all the documents. However, i didn't have a single trait of led on my paper.

Then i thought to myself ARE YOU CRYING??!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaattt. First of I'm crying over a VERY STUPID reason. I mean getting my work done and good grades are needed but am i really crying over this i mean it's not even a major grade [however i DO NEED high daily grades in that class] and 2nd of all I DON'T CRY! [It hurts.] .. and even the rare times i cry i don't in public... Then i thoughht about it ... then i remembered that BEING A GIRL IS A PAIN.




SO i was just think about all this cute nicknames people have, and in class I was like i'm gonna name my child Kim so they can call her Kimmie. Then right now i just thought to myself " I Wish I went to a Black School, so they could call me ReRe" Lmao. I'm so DUMB!