Polo Ralph Lauren.

So there these Ralph Lauren equestrian styled boots i want. I think i saw them in a magazine or something around October and i was like ohh these are so cute i want! Then like some weeks later Teyana Taylor twit pic'd a picture of her [pictured above] and she had the boots on and looked so cute! And i was likee ohhh i want them for sure. Well today i was on the computer [ya know xmas/my bday is coming up] trying to find them online, and check the cost, which is $669 [so out of my league]. Howeverrr while i was searching for those boots i came across the boots pictured below. They're called the Polo Ranger "Cookie" Boots, and the picture i saww made me go nuts. It was a male and a female and they had the boots on. I dieeeed, they looked soooo gooood. I was like Dang! i need to get these. Aha i should post that pic up, but nawwww i wanna keep it exclusive ya knoww ..EVERBODY would want them if they saw the pic LOL. Therefore, i'll post the pics below. I prefer the black and the tan colors. Also, they retail for $175, but i'm pretty sure you can find cheaper.

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