DON'T judge me :)

Where they do that at??! lol that's like my favorite thing to say, but i say like this: wheredeydodatatttt??? lmao
i also say ShakingMyHead way to much but i only say it in 3's like idk it's like ocd i have to. So it sounds like this: shaking my head shaking my head shaking my head.

**sidenote: today is my mommy's birthday!!! :) ily woman.

p.s. everyboddy needs to make a twitter like now! ppl think it's so dumb and stuff and like when i'm tweeting everyone's like your a loser. But i'm telling you it's ADDICTING. like it's better than FaceBook. And for all ya'll people that be updating yo status's ever 2-3 minutes ..Twitter is for you!! Don't knock it until you try it [twitter.com/chanelbel]


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