Someone just told me that i'm just like Bella from Twillight, but less pshyco.

"Maybe this decision was a mistake you probably dont care what I have to say but it's been heavy on my mind for months now guess i'm tryna clear some mental space I would love to talk to you in person but I understand why that can't e I'll leave you alone for good I promise If you answer this one question for me I just wonder...
Do you ever think of me, anymore, Do You?" - Ne-Yo

I swear that verse fits my situation PERFECTLY, it's quite freighting. Today was horrible for me I just couldn't stop thinking of this one person. Every little thing I did/ saw this kid would pop into my mind. I went to McDonalds the one next to Lifetime in Sugarland and BOOM i thought of him. He alwayss would be at Lifetime; homeboy pratically lived there. Everytime he was on his way to the gym we'd make deals that when he got there he'd STAY IN THE CAR [cause if he went inside he'd get disracted] and talk to me for 5-10 mins before he'd go in.
All day today i was just around town, w/ my aunt who was doing errands. Everytime we'd go to a new place POW! he came into my mind. How? Cause he was always doing errands for someoneeee. And we'd be on the phone throughout the whole time of him doing whatever! He'd whine to me about how busy he is, and how he can't be doing these errands folks be sending him on and everything and i'd always tell him " Why don't you tell them that you have stuff to do?!"
The last thought of him was when i went to grocery store. I had got some Starburst gummies, as i popped the first 2 in my mouth BAM! He came intoo my mindd. Starburst gummy is his favorite type of candy, well at least one of them.

-- Theyy were wayy more, but like it's crazy how all these random things can make you think of one person. I guess cause we were so close and since we were always talking and i learned so much about him everything comes to my mind. Like everytime i pass a Whataburger or Buger King it's like he's right there.

It's crazy

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