So i just went to my Dashboard and on the blogs i'm following and this girl did a survey on her blog about her closet *perfect* [www.stlyehurricane.blogspot.com] and the crazy thing about it is that she said she got it from her myspace bulletins. HOW FREAKING IRONIC!!!!

anyways of course i copied and pasted it here it goes [lol im so happy!!] :

Most expensive thing in your closet? the versace tops [they used to be my parents, i didn't pay for them! ]
A print you have a lot of?
floral, that was really big last summer/spring
What is your favorite color to wear?
all BLACK everthing
Favorite tee shirt?
i think this cut out shirt that says succes is so passe
Least expensive thing in your closet?
i got these two vintage dresses for a 1.75, i have cheaper but im not sure what exact amount they were [thrift stores are the best]
Anything stolen in there?
Do you have a walk in closet?
i used to. it was HUGE. i shared it w/my sister
Is you closet big enough?
i don't really keep my clothes in a closet
Something embarrasing thats in your closet?
lol no
Are your hangers wire, plastic or wooden?
wire and plastic
What color are they?
my plastic ones are ALL PINK!
Any food in there?
not at all
Do you keep accessories in your closet?
no, i have a jewelry box
Whats one item that someone frequently borrows?
no one borrows my clothes really
Does it make you mad when people take things out of your closet without asking?
it doesn't happen ahah!
Favorite jeans?
these 2 pairs that i got from urban outfitters for 10 dollars each. one's bleached, and the other is super tight
Any posters hanging in there?
What color are the walls?
One thing you would change about it?
Are you satisfied with your closet completely?

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