"What's Good w/ the Morning Text" *females, guys can read too*

Lol. That's my little sayingg

But ok this is how I put it. If you and someone are "talking" or you think maybe you and someone are talking and you're not really sure if you get that MORNING TEXT then umm booboo that's a instant verification to let you know that there isss somethingg lol

now lets move on to the feeling of a MORNING TEXT, it's like they're sweetest thingss ever. They never dissapoint guys *remember that* lol .. Sadly, i haven't recieved one in a minute. Actually i have ...Hmm, but nvm i wouldn't catergorize it as the type of morning text i'm talking about in this post.

Ok, now let me set it straight. Every guy that sends you a MORNING text it doesn't mean ya'll are talking. A MORNING TEXT kinda just seals the deal w/a person that you may think ya'll are talking ,but not really sure :)

*If you feel indifferent w/ this post than so be it, just my pov.*

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