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People People People.
i'm so fed up w/ them like what the heck?!
EVERYONE is just in 1 big mosh pit, and they can all erode. lol does that make sense?
i'm so OFF people. I said it once and i'll say it again, and i can also state that this feeling is for real. sometimes i say/think stuff one day and then the next day i'm like what the heck? you're dumb for that, but i've been feeling this way for like a minute. And i think i should rephrase myself or be more specific. It's really the people i'm "arrrounndddd" with the exceptions of a few people[and i really stress the feww] . Like i could leave to a foreign place in a second and be good, i'd only NEED like what? 6ppl excluding my parents, and 3 out of the 6 are my siblings. I'd MISS like 8ppl, and not even like on the extreme. Mannn, thats why i get so happy when i travel b/c like i'm GONE. Everyone is just away from me, and i'm away from everyone.
That's why i think i'm gonna delete my facebook, like all it's about is people. everybody is on it. and Remember i don't like these people therefore there's no reason to be involved with it. Like what the heeck? It doesn't make sense. I can be by myself 24/7 and just be FINE. i don't need like any of these people. The times i feel the best is when i'm by myself, or lets say like w/ 1 other person. Honestly, people are just getting real annoying and old to me. && i can say for a FACT it's peoples ways that have me feeling such way. Like the person who wants to be down so baadd, the chick who's just doing the most on the .com and in reality, the dude who's just riding his homies ____ the hardest, or the person who swears they're bad, when really they're trash, the girl who has her mug on mean alll dayy like she's unstoppable, or the girl who feels she's something b/c all she does is mess around w/ dudes ..umm ho have a seat, the boy who's all about boxing or his "clique" like he doesn't have books to study c'mon get on your grown man ishh, or the person who just indulges in negativity, always have something bad to say ... like really ?!
really people just need to GET IT TOGETHER, when that gets done i'll mess w/ ya'll again. But until then ....

*note this does not entitle to everyone just most; more than half
P.S. No slugs intended lmaooo :))

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