You da you da BEST.

Alicia Keys is like the rawest singer EVER. Ohmygoodnesss, i freaking love her. Whenever people would ask me who your favorite singer, i always be like i don't know i have so much, but i think it's her! [Hmm, ok that last sentence made me just think off all the other singers, i think im stuck again, but she is UP THERE probably #1 or #2] Her last cd AS I AM jamsssss. Like i could listen to it alllllll dayyyyy and not get tired. Like i don't know what it is, but it's great. I never really noticed how nice her songs were till i heard the whole album. Oh and her song Diary jams so hard as well. Last night on Take it to the Room on 97.9 they played one of her songs from her newest album that comes out Dec.15 and i was likee woooaahh, and her latest single makes me get that feeling. I don't know what it is but it's a good feeling. Plus her body is TOO MUCHH it's SICK ;)

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