So today i'm leving, vamoos. i'm happy to get out of this place b/c everyone is really just annoying me. Lol and i'm thrilled of what i'm going to encounter, nigerian ppl are sooooooo funnny. today i'm getting my laptop, dell ho'd me. i was supposed to get my netbook YESTERDAY. tell me why when i tracked it, it was in freaking tennesse. anddd dell kept on calling me, and had me waiting for forever i was so pissed. my brother has the macbook pro, and it's soo legit. like i see them all the time at the apple store, but like this looked so better. Spacejams anyone? lol.. on facebook ppl are going crazy over them in every single way. if all my facebook friends had twitter's spacejams would definentily be a trending topic [#spacejams] but yeaa i'm not really tripping though. However, some ppl are, ppl are like all these people who are in line for spacejams are dumb, they're ugly anyways blah blah blah. Honestly, i think they're cute, if you look at my older post i blogged about them, and i'm not even into sneakers like that. Everyone has their own opinon so i guess everyone should just let each other be! Hmmm, what else is their to share??! i have an appointment for a facial on Jan.21. LEGIT too, anyone heard of dr.moore?? if you havee then you know the deal. Ahhh i'm so excited to get on this plane. I'm so happy my daddy got the afternoon flight then the evening flight. i hate late flights cause so much anticipation [ i blogged about that once too lol]. plus i love flying. i'm also going to pick up my laptop/netbook w/e you wanna call it on my way to the airport cause they were talking about the estimated time of it being delivered was 3 p.m., and my flight is at 3:30 ..not gonnaa workk.

but anyways i got stuff to do, bye :)

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