what ya know about the number sign?!!!!! #######

twitter ppl follow me. the name has changed to Classy_Femme. So FOLLOW ;)

my nose is cold.


i really was gonna spill a million and one thoughts, but i had to finsh up my hw first and now it's late. Hopefully, i can have the same feeling i had today so that i can write the post i really wanted to. Cause if i'm not in that mood, then i won't be able to really type what i wanna. Ugh i hate when this happens but it is what it is homie.


Listening to "Take it to the Room". hm, this is getting old i mean like ..WASSUP W/ A SWEET LITTLE "CAKE SESSION"???! Lol i can't believe i just said that *but it's true!* We know how i hate SOFT crap, but i surely did STATE when it's w/ me it's fine. Lol Messs muchhhhhh. but then again to a certain stuff, that soft stufff can make me CRINGEE

I guess i'll just fall asleep to the radio, instead of ur sweet voice :/ lol ok lemmeee stop. i was totally not be forreal w/ ^^^

i'm done.

Last day of the month.

....And burn :/


get a room!!!!

Oh my goodness ...why is it that people be acting like facebook is their personal website?!! Like reallyyy ..all this cakin' on the .com really needs to go somewhere. All i see in my newsfeeds are mushy gushy status's and messssss. Like eww! go somewhere. This really needs to come to an end. Plus i mean i don't think i could ever talk to a super super soft guy ...is this chick attracted to it?? It's really annoying man.

to be honest...

I'm more of an outsider.

. . . i'd rather not be "in".


...and my last tweet said

" if i really wanted it, i could get it ...but it's ok i'll let you explore for some time :) "


Wow, so my first 4 weekends of 2010 have been Great!

1) i really don't remember what i did,but i was in Nigeria so of course it was Great!

2) it was my bday weekend, i was in Cypress. On friday i celebrated my bday w/ my brother, his gf, and my little cousin we wen to Willies ;). Saturday was myyy birthdaaayy i went to a babyshower and the youngins wanted to go bowling. Sunday i shopped

3) it was Yinka's bday and that's been my girrll since God knows when, i spent the weekend at her apartment. Fridayy we parrtieeeed :) Saturday i went to the mall and chilled at her house which is always so LIVE lol. Sunday we went to Church [Lakewood <3], Olive Garden, and RA later at nighttt. Lol and other stuff happend. The people i was w/ were so funnnnyy

4) i went to Bullrito's w/ Cameron, Brea, and Brittnae that was coooll. Saturday was Aj's birthday, early in the day i went to the mall w/ Noella and Wale, came home and got ready. went to Aj's w/ Precious andd tht was funnn. Sunday i went to church, and the sermon was actually goood, and after church was pretty fun as well!

What goes down this upcoming weekend? Musn't be a #FAILLL!!!!! lol

i think it's obvious that i really miss my old room

in this photo i spy my hot pink coach shoes, my circle scarf sheet showing u how you can wear it, jeans that i've lost, old phone, backpack from the 8th grade, brown coach purse, piggy bank erika got me, magazine stack, scarf from montrose, and my drawers that i painted :) it reads PEACE, LOVE (you can't really see the hearts) , and FASHION :)

...even though it was messy 85% of the time. oh well :/


i don't understand why females tell guys certain things as if they believe that they won't tell anyone? or like do certain things w/ guys and have a mindstate that what was done is just between them two. Like really ...it's sad. Yinka ,[thoughtsofacapricorn.blogspot.com], tweeted something like "boys are so messy" and that is SO true! Dudes talk sooooooooo muuuuuuuccchhhhh!!! i guess people don't really notice cause they're guys and like when they gossip it's like just coming out of they're mouths normal as if they're talking about sports or something. And generally when people thinking of gossiping they think of it being like all secretly and exclusive you know what i meann?? Like once you've told a guy something, pls believe that at least 3 of his "homies" are gonna know exactly what you told that ONE guy. And trust me, i've exprienced it ....not as ppl finding out my business [simply b/c i don't tell ppl my business like tht] but me hearing about OTHERS business. Like once i was on the phone w/ this guy and he like RANDOMLY started telling me what he was doing this girl who just left his house or something like that. i was like whhhhaaaaaattt?! did i ask you. And trust me that's not the only time when i've heard stuff, it was just the first one fresh out of my minddd...but there's pleeeennntttyyyy more. I just don't have time to type all these stories, and that was the shortest one so yeah lol! But girls really BE CAREFULL

January 10, 2009

i was still fly. i think it's funny when girls have on things that i like beeeeeen had, and they think it's like super cute. Like colored tight were definitly bought in '08, LACE tights were definetly bought in '08, they still got this/similar style dress at F21 ...i mean once again this was bought in 'o8!
Lol concieted moment??!
sidenote: i hate the way my face looks in this pic ...
^^that balances out my concietedness lol


truth is...






Girly Girl or Tomboy??

Hmmm, i wonder which one i am. When i was younger and people would ask me that question i'd always be like tomboy, but i haven't been asked that question since like the 3rd grade. Only w/ one exception like last yr. i think i was asking someone what they think i am, and they were like ughh GIRLY GIRL!! ...but i really don't think i am. #tobehonest i've only been to the nail salon, and got my nails/ feet done once. I've been other times, but i didn't get anything done. And to mind you the time i got my nails/ feet done i was like in the 1st grade NO LIE lol. I wear makeup, but no alot at all. I usually put on eyeliner and blush ..sometimes mascara. Now I barely ever use eyeshadow, only like when i'm bored and just want to play around. I dress up and stuff but just b/c you dress nice it doesn't make you a girly girl. However, i'm so into fashion..now does that make me a girly girl ..and i love to shop too? But like i like to play video games, even though i don't much...i do like to! I like to go outside and do adventurous stuff. I laugh at the same jokes guys laugh at too, yeaa.. the ones girls get mad at? But i love skyhigh heels and femine colors. However, i've grown up w/ guys for wayyyy toooo longggg. Hmm
i think i'm in the middle ;)


LIVE ON THE WILD SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

w/ precautions though.
mannn i do alot w/ my 1.3 megapixels lol


real talk.

Honestly, it's not that i like you. It's the fact that i wasn't able to show you all that i was capable of ♥

todays trending topic on twitter is truthfully tuesday, #truthfully i'm gonna be going hard on the tweets lol
sidenote: facebook is turning into a myspace, it's gonna get old. soon everyone will have a twitter [even though everyone's talking down on it right now] then that will turn into the "new" facebook...for some. which will later turn into myspace ...it's a cycle. Wonder what the new hot website is gonna be????! ahahhaah

the best convos happen at night

Last night me and my homie Precious were talking about how people are so lame. And i'm telling you that it's TRUE. It's very irritating and funny at the same time b/c you look like a FOOL.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself;)

p.s. gangster females are ____. idk what the word is, but they are interesting.
" She cute . . .I guesss " *hair flip, rolls eyes, crosses legs*

Lol... i just did that right now. Well the dialouge, not the actions. And nah don't think different, jealously is not in the picture ;)


That's How Strong My Love is- Alicia Keys
Some people they call me crazy
For fallin' in love with you
They can take me and lock me away baby
Cuz there's nothing those bars can do

I'll be the rising moon after the setting sun
just to let you know you'll always have someone
I'll be the clear as day when the rain is done
So you'll always know

Through the shake of an earthquake
I will never fall
That's how strong my love is
Like a shift through the storm
we can risk it all
That's how strong my love is

I used to feel kinda lonely
There's a world that can be so fake
All it matters I'm tellin' you
It's you and me only
And the fortress from love we make

I'll be the water you need
in the desert land
Just to let you know you'll always have my hand
I'll be the woman you need to be a better man
So you'll always know

Through the shake of an earthquake
I will never fall
That's how strong my love is
Like a shift through the storm
we can risk it all
That's how strong my love is

Ooooh Can nothin' break us down
Oooh Cuz we are heaven bound
Like a mountain standing tall
Immovable we're here to stay
Ooooh Can nothin' get in the way

Through the shake of an earthquake ( I will never fall)
I will never fall ( I will never fall)
That's how strong my love is (that's how strong my love my love is)
Like a shift through the storm
we can risk it all (We can risk it all Ooooh)
That's how strong my love is (Looove is)

Through the deepest waters I won't let you drown
That's how strong my love is
There's a balloon in the sky that'll never come down
That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is

I love listening to this song. Why? that's a whole 'nother story. But it's also kinda bittersweet :/ Why? ..that's also a whole 'nother story.

Listen Here:http://us.dada.net/music/aliciakeys/that-s-how-strong-my-love-is_4025074m.htm



Ughhhhhhh i have no CUTE clothes to wear. And i can't be bummy. Ughhhh my bags came in yesterday, but they're on the other side of town. Lord knows when i'm gonna get them. Hopefully tommorow?! Ugh and i'm supposed to show this girl who's gonna shoot the pics for a photoshoot my outfits today, but i can't put them together becauseee .....you know the rest. Now i have to right a freaking apology letter lol. Today i wore all black. Would've wore something like that on a Thursday, but it's all i had. Smh.
i love it when i come across GOOD blogs

and i hate asking ppl do stuff for me (sometimes)

P.s. i bet Rihanna's hair is gonna "grow" longer really soon. *we can bet that, nvr gotta sweat that*



It's Obvious

An old friend of mine once told me "You always remember the most stupid and unimportant things and you never remember the actual important things. " He ain't never lied lol

It's Sad.


Screwston, TX

I love Sundays b/c it's Screwed Up Sunday. Someone once said "Real B___ Jam Screw", they ain't neverrr lieddd lmaoo ok let me stop! But anyways my radio is downstairs, and i'm too lazy/tired to get it. However, my Sunday night won't be completed if i don't fall asleep to Take it to the Room.

Brooo, this is really random. Smh, at myself



Lagos, Nigeria *contd*



Lagos, Nigeria

I freaking love that place. It's too beautiful, my trip was amazing..even though some days were really boring. I can definently say that place is really coming up. It's not the same Lagos as it was like 5yrs ago. And it's wierd cause when i'm there i'm like ughhh all these bugs and ughh why is it so crowded, but when i'm gone i miss it soo much. Lagos is so elite lol ..seriously. EVERYBODY got a Range, and i've never seen so much G Wagons on the street at once. The houses are beautiful and so are the people. I swear if some of those ppl got like fresh and got little touchups they would be freaking Covergirls. Othes are already on top of there game. The girls there are fabolous! Looking like freaking runway models w/ their super cute outfits on and there hair done to the T. I was like ok! i see ya. And i mean not everywhere is like that. Some places are less rich and dirty but i think you have to love lagos as a whole to REALLY love it. Like i love when i go to Banana Island and see all the pretty, extravagant homes and i also love it when i go to Surelere and see 150+ ppl on the streets. Folks hustling on the roads tryna get their money. I love seeing the little huts near the water. Everything is just great :)


it was dark, therefore the pics are nonclear. oh well :)



i have so much to blogg about, but i need to use my laptop so i can upload pics on here first b/c i don't want this to turn into a freaking textbook as usual.
Sadly there's no WiFi here, but then again i can plug the internent thing into my laptop. I'm tooo tired though :)


DANGGG, i'm more tired than a biaaaaa...

tchh. and it's only 9 o'clock

smh, Jetlag.

and it is what it is.

so on jan.2 i thought to myself that i'm gonna just start over w/ everyone. like mentally, in my head. all the people i thought were booboo [which was like almost every1 i know lol] was gonna become like good to me. like i was just gonna start over, clean slate. when that thought came to my mind i felt so good. it was like wow! i like this thought aloottttt. so literally my mindstate has become completely oppostie then the post when i was venting about ppl [http://hotpinktreats.blogspot.com/2009/12/people-people-poeple-ugh-im-so-fed-up-w.html]
so today i was on fb and i was looking at someone's and was likee dannnngggg, you're _____ ughhh! then i was like sometimes you shouldn't be too exposed to certain ppl, it won't bring anything but negativity toward them from you.



---i think i'm fixn to go quite hard on the bloggg. bout to have helllllaaaa post. lol


LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So i was literally just came out of the shower, and before i got in i was playing around w/ my hair. I thought to myself dannnggg, like this is some GUDDD hairrrrrr, like wtf is it indian hair, brazilian shiiiiddd lemmee knww lol. I've never heard of the brand. My auntie who has a hair salon was the one who told them to use it on me when i want to her salon to get my hair done in Nigeria. So i was like alright when i get out the shower i'm gonna google this hair brand. So i type in "Noble hair weave" in the search box. I scroll down and see a Yahoo answer link i click on it and read the question AND ANSWER, i'll let you look at it for yourself:

Resolved QuestionShow »
Does any nigerian know where i can buy noble hair weave in the united states?
7 months ago

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
While I am a Nigerian, I am afraid I cannot help you. However, I can give you access to multiple billions of dollars with which you can buy noble hair weave in the United States. However, the Nigerian government is withholding this money from me as I am an exiled prince. To gain access to my account, I will need to borrow 150,015 USD from you. Please email me your bank account number, social security number, and mother's maiden name, and I will withdraw the money so you don't have to do it yourself. I will then (if I remember to) send you 3 billion dollars (USD).
7 months ago

lmaooooo, can we say FOURRRRRONENINEEEEEE, Smdh ..lol this makes me miss Nigeria alreaddddyy

Here's the actual link as well:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090625011957AAsJgDt



On to the next one-Jay Z ft. Swizz Beats

fun fact: i first heard this song on Sep.11, 2009 :)

i got a million ways to get it, CHOOSE 1.

so it's 2010, two thousand and ten, 2k10, '10 ...or w/e you wanna call it. I'm happy :) 2009 was alot! but anyways i think i wanna get back onto my fashion blog ishh. yeaaa that sounds nice ;)

p.s. my birthday is Jan.9th ..i would say i'm excited but really it's w/e right now. i guess when the day comes i'll feel it. What do i want for my birthday?! Ahh, i really don't know, but i can say i want items i can wear. Not only clothes, but shoes, make up, jewelry, hair items(ok mayb not that)..but you catch my drift?!

***ahahha i do know things i DO NOT want. no g-shock! i always said i wanna get one for my birthday like during the summer time, but not anymore. I'd nvr wear it


Just wondering ...

So what differentiates a clique from a gang?
..if you call it a clique, but there's violence involved doesn't it really mean it's a gang?? hmm, i'm confused.

***lets take it to Webster:
gang-a group of persons working to unlawful or antisocial ends; especially : a band of antisocial adolescents
clique- a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons; especially : one held together by common interests, views, or purposes

--hmm ok, so what if the common interest is fighting or stealing, does that still make them clique??..i mean but what if it's a large number of people in a group..that doesn't make it so exclusive anymore? but i mean the people in the gang could be people in one's circle? this is confusing, who knows?