and it is what it is.

so on jan.2 i thought to myself that i'm gonna just start over w/ everyone. like mentally, in my head. all the people i thought were booboo [which was like almost every1 i know lol] was gonna become like good to me. like i was just gonna start over, clean slate. when that thought came to my mind i felt so good. it was like wow! i like this thought aloottttt. so literally my mindstate has become completely oppostie then the post when i was venting about ppl [http://hotpinktreats.blogspot.com/2009/12/people-people-poeple-ugh-im-so-fed-up-w.html]
so today i was on fb and i was looking at someone's and was likee dannnngggg, you're _____ ughhh! then i was like sometimes you shouldn't be too exposed to certain ppl, it won't bring anything but negativity toward them from you.

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