Lagos, Nigeria

I freaking love that place. It's too beautiful, my trip was amazing..even though some days were really boring. I can definently say that place is really coming up. It's not the same Lagos as it was like 5yrs ago. And it's wierd cause when i'm there i'm like ughhh all these bugs and ughh why is it so crowded, but when i'm gone i miss it soo much. Lagos is so elite lol ..seriously. EVERYBODY got a Range, and i've never seen so much G Wagons on the street at once. The houses are beautiful and so are the people. I swear if some of those ppl got like fresh and got little touchups they would be freaking Covergirls. Othes are already on top of there game. The girls there are fabolous! Looking like freaking runway models w/ their super cute outfits on and there hair done to the T. I was like ok! i see ya. And i mean not everywhere is like that. Some places are less rich and dirty but i think you have to love lagos as a whole to REALLY love it. Like i love when i go to Banana Island and see all the pretty, extravagant homes and i also love it when i go to Surelere and see 150+ ppl on the streets. Folks hustling on the roads tryna get their money. I love seeing the little huts near the water. Everything is just great :)

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