i don't understand why females tell guys certain things as if they believe that they won't tell anyone? or like do certain things w/ guys and have a mindstate that what was done is just between them two. Like really ...it's sad. Yinka ,[thoughtsofacapricorn.blogspot.com], tweeted something like "boys are so messy" and that is SO true! Dudes talk sooooooooo muuuuuuuccchhhhh!!! i guess people don't really notice cause they're guys and like when they gossip it's like just coming out of they're mouths normal as if they're talking about sports or something. And generally when people thinking of gossiping they think of it being like all secretly and exclusive you know what i meann?? Like once you've told a guy something, pls believe that at least 3 of his "homies" are gonna know exactly what you told that ONE guy. And trust me, i've exprienced it ....not as ppl finding out my business [simply b/c i don't tell ppl my business like tht] but me hearing about OTHERS business. Like once i was on the phone w/ this guy and he like RANDOMLY started telling me what he was doing this girl who just left his house or something like that. i was like whhhhaaaaaattt?! did i ask you. And trust me that's not the only time when i've heard stuff, it was just the first one fresh out of my minddd...but there's pleeeennntttyyyy more. I just don't have time to type all these stories, and that was the shortest one so yeah lol! But girls really BE CAREFULL

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