LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So i was literally just came out of the shower, and before i got in i was playing around w/ my hair. I thought to myself dannnggg, like this is some GUDDD hairrrrrr, like wtf is it indian hair, brazilian shiiiiddd lemmee knww lol. I've never heard of the brand. My auntie who has a hair salon was the one who told them to use it on me when i want to her salon to get my hair done in Nigeria. So i was like alright when i get out the shower i'm gonna google this hair brand. So i type in "Noble hair weave" in the search box. I scroll down and see a Yahoo answer link i click on it and read the question AND ANSWER, i'll let you look at it for yourself:

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Does any nigerian know where i can buy noble hair weave in the united states?
7 months ago

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While I am a Nigerian, I am afraid I cannot help you. However, I can give you access to multiple billions of dollars with which you can buy noble hair weave in the United States. However, the Nigerian government is withholding this money from me as I am an exiled prince. To gain access to my account, I will need to borrow 150,015 USD from you. Please email me your bank account number, social security number, and mother's maiden name, and I will withdraw the money so you don't have to do it yourself. I will then (if I remember to) send you 3 billion dollars (USD).
7 months ago

lmaooooo, can we say FOURRRRRONENINEEEEEE, Smdh ..lol this makes me miss Nigeria alreaddddyy

Here's the actual link as well:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090625011957AAsJgDt


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  2. Bethany8.1.10

    hahah epic, they couldn't even be discreet SMH