i got a million ways to get it, CHOOSE 1.

so it's 2010, two thousand and ten, 2k10, '10 ...or w/e you wanna call it. I'm happy :) 2009 was alot! but anyways i think i wanna get back onto my fashion blog ishh. yeaaa that sounds nice ;)

p.s. my birthday is Jan.9th ..i would say i'm excited but really it's w/e right now. i guess when the day comes i'll feel it. What do i want for my birthday?! Ahh, i really don't know, but i can say i want items i can wear. Not only clothes, but shoes, make up, jewelry, hair items(ok mayb not that)..but you catch my drift?!

***ahahha i do know things i DO NOT want. no g-shock! i always said i wanna get one for my birthday like during the summer time, but not anymore. I'd nvr wear it

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