Wow, so my first 4 weekends of 2010 have been Great!

1) i really don't remember what i did,but i was in Nigeria so of course it was Great!

2) it was my bday weekend, i was in Cypress. On friday i celebrated my bday w/ my brother, his gf, and my little cousin we wen to Willies ;). Saturday was myyy birthdaaayy i went to a babyshower and the youngins wanted to go bowling. Sunday i shopped

3) it was Yinka's bday and that's been my girrll since God knows when, i spent the weekend at her apartment. Fridayy we parrtieeeed :) Saturday i went to the mall and chilled at her house which is always so LIVE lol. Sunday we went to Church [Lakewood <3], Olive Garden, and RA later at nighttt. Lol and other stuff happend. The people i was w/ were so funnnnyy

4) i went to Bullrito's w/ Cameron, Brea, and Brittnae that was coooll. Saturday was Aj's birthday, early in the day i went to the mall w/ Noella and Wale, came home and got ready. went to Aj's w/ Precious andd tht was funnn. Sunday i went to church, and the sermon was actually goood, and after church was pretty fun as well!

What goes down this upcoming weekend? Musn't be a #FAILLL!!!!! lol

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