My bday is on Jan.9th

i'm getting a new camera ..not for my bday though
it was supposed to be a surprise
..but mi madre spoiled it, once upon a time.

i think i wanna do something for my birthday, just for the gifts :/ *just to use these "ppl"* [did i say thaaaat?]
last yr, i got so many ..it was WONDERFULL.

...Hmm, we shall see.

p.s. i want those polo ranger boots*older post* and some pretty items :)

..for xmas i got some mac eyeshadow. Night Devine, i tweeted how much i wanted it once upon a time. Big Ups to tonia [http://www.tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com] she got me cute shoes too
Also i love my super small laptop, i WANT to change my skin though. it's "icey blue". my brother said it's "chinko color" [chinko=chinese] lmao.

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