"ohhh it's the first of the month, Bone Thug lookin' boy"

It was 4th pd, World History AP. I don't belong in there, but my teacher disagrees. We had to write a DBQ Essay. Ask me what that is, i couldn't tell you. I get to class and she starts passing out the documents we need to write essay. I look down and notice that this was the same thing she passed out yesterday and told us to look over ..the day before. The thought "omg i didn't understand this" freezes into my mind. I started to read the directions, then began reading the document. I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I WAS READING. Soon my eyes begun to glisten, and a tear crawls down my cheek. I'm CRYING???!! I start crying harder and harder, however i made sure i didn't disrupt my peers infront of me. 30 minutes pass and i finished reading all the documents. However, i didn't have a single trait of led on my paper.

Then i thought to myself ARE YOU CRYING??!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaattt. First of I'm crying over a VERY STUPID reason. I mean getting my work done and good grades are needed but am i really crying over this i mean it's not even a major grade [however i DO NEED high daily grades in that class] and 2nd of all I DON'T CRY! [It hurts.] .. and even the rare times i cry i don't in public... Then i thoughht about it ... then i remembered that BEING A GIRL IS A PAIN.


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