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Ok so i'm like addicted to twitter but i forgot my password on there so i can't get on. And i could click the "forgot password" button but i also don't remember what e-mail address i used to sign up for it so that doesn't help. It's so depresssingg lol.
But ok it's soo wierd how like people (including me) are so caught up into "cyber space" like when you think of what these sites are about it's like wtf ??but it's crazyy how they're addicting. Like i used to be on myspace all the timeeeeeeee but like it's SO boring now. I'm still on facebook though kinda and this twitter thing. but like when you think of it's like what am i doing? the only thing you do on Twitter is update your status and people be dying to get on it. Idknowww i gets it's something in the brain that makes you feel the way you do when it comes to all these websites.

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