...Ask me why i'm upset,

cause the lady told them to get me the wrong kind of hair, like what am i supposed to do with this synthetic mess???!
... but is that really the case right now? hmm, yea maybee. Then again ---maybe not.

I always build up things inside of me. I go on acting like every thing's fine always when really it's not. I don't express the way i really feel cause i'm scared to? ehh i don't know. In a result to that things build up, and when i get mad/sad over little things.. it kinda feels like it's a big thing. Right now i'm upset, and since i can't do anything about it i get sad.The way i feel right now you'd probably think that something kinda BIG happened. It's not good to build up anger nor sadness. Sometimes something big can happen and i just wannnaaa crrryyy, and crying would be appropriate for the situation. But i don't cause i HATE to cry, it hurts .. so i put the situation to the side and i end up not dealing with it. Then something little can happen that would make the avg. person semi sad, but then w/ me it would me suppperrr sad. Why? cause i start to think about all the sad things that i never dealt with and it's just all one big burden on me that's gets me in a DEPRESSION mode.

It's NOT healthy.

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