So yesterday i was on twitter, and i went to Wale's page b/c i lovvvveeeee his tweets. They're so funny and like real. He's so NORMAL, and he was talking about how he's gonna be premiering his "My Sweetie" video tonight at 9:30. I was like oh reallyy yayy! And then he tweets again talking about he's gonna air it earlier b/c he's getting all this love blah blah blah. I was even my pshyched! He uploaded it onto vimeo, but for some reason when i would try and watch it, it would act retarted. But now it's on youtube [yesterday it wasn't] ..but here's the video

lol last night folks on twitter were OVERLY EXCITED over this videooo.. it was funny

on the sidenote look here! i think's it appropiate to show off Alicia Keys and Beyonce rocking Boxing Kitten [i'm convinced, even though it's not said] who designs w/ ankara. When i saw this i was like yeeeeuhhhh. I know Solange wears Boxing Kitten all the time [i once posted pics of her and Fergie]

they were on the set for the video "Put it in a Love Song" ...my2favs :)

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