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@classy_femme:y do ppl stress about Valetines Day??..to me it's not even like holiday. It's like St.Patricks's day ..i don't care about it!! lol
about 6 hours ago from web

@classy_femme:#2wordsvday ...who cares?! i'm not over here talking about "efff v day blah blah blah" it's just whatever.
about 5 hours ago from web

@classy_femme:wasn't it just today that i was tweeting about how i dnt understand why ppl stress over vday ...and how it's w/e???!!!
about 1 hour ago from web
@classy_femme:....pls tell me why im over here getting jealous?! Lol wtf? #wheretheydodatat?? i guess b/c her valentine is HIM *sigh*
about 1 hour ago from web

What kind of transition was that?? lol. In my earlier tweets i wasn't meaning nothing like eff valentines day or not it was more like aww you have a valentine that's cute, and if you don't that's fine, it's no big deal b/c i saw how ppl were stressing over the fact that valentines day is coming. So i get on the computer and i see how HER valentine is HIM, and i was like Awwwww Mannnnnnnn :( but whyyyyyy....valentine's day is gonna suck! lol crap like that. Honestly, i think i'm just jealous b/c before i didn't care it was SHOUTOUTS to the ppl who have a valentine and to the ppl that don't. Also on a sidenote i hate how facebook have become this extra gushy site like ughhh take your like somewhere elsee! ...also this stuff in my newsfeed NEEDS to come to an end.

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