All you hoes get is a fck you!

Man sometimes i just wish i could have an "F THE WORLD" kinda attitude. Like i envy people who just don't care. Well i mean it depends on certain situatons cause sometimes that kind of attitude can come off rude. Which i not cute at all. But like i love it when people just don't care and don't come off rude or have an attitude or anything like that. Too bad I can't be like that. I'm ALWAYS over analyzing and as much as i try to not give a fck ..it just doesn't work. [well i mean sometimes it does but thats very RARE] .. Actually i take that WHOLE statement back. Alot of times i CAN just not care, but that only happens when i'm dealing w/ ppl who i really don't mess with or think about. However, i WISH i could be that way towards EVERYONE ..no dissrespect.

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