Fresh POLO on Deckkkkk

Ugh i hate when people be stressing over Polo, like it's super exculsive or whatever. Bro, you can defenitly get a Polo shirt at MARSHALLS for 12.99. Like ugh is it really that crucial? And people are like stressing like it's the new hot thing. Mann Polo's been around since God knows when. Like there's a group of people called who have formed a clique called Polo Club or something like that, i really don't care what it's called. But my question is... IS IT REALLY THAT CRUCIAL. Some people just need to relaxxxx :)

If you're talking about that Ralph Lauren Purple or Black label or even the HIGH END Polo items ..then that's a whole 'nother story lol

...until then, b up :)

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  1. LMAAOOO thats funny. polo's we off that.