here are just a few of my favoritess :)

  • Summer '03 .. even though me and precious got bullied
  • When josh was bout to get in a fight w/ somebody and was yelling "It's space and oppurtinty baby.. B-moreee" lol calmmmm down
  • How they would be like 15 ppl packed at my house in the summer and we'd go to the pool and play games
  • When me and Wale tried to make tortillas and as we were making it all the flour ran out, so we were like hmm... lets try Bisquick and we did and it turned out as a pancake...lol DUMBASSES
  • Summer '07 when Sis.B, Wale, Jt, and Brittany were at my house and we ordered Dominoes 555 deal and since i had no money i had to pay the man 5dollars in coins from my mommys piggie bank
  • When me and my brother were flying to Nigeria in 2001 and he was telling me how we were landing at Murtala Muhammed and i was scared and yelling athim cause i thought he was talking about Iraq terrorist
  • Times when Aunty Aina would make rice, and my mom would tell her to mix the new rice w/ the rice from the day before and bro. siju insisted not to eat it
  • Once when me and my brother find out we were going to london and we started jumping up and down on the bed singing "London London London,look and see" lol IDIOTS.
  • Me and my friends from THE Village School :)
  • Me and Tonia singing some rugrat song at Aunty Lisa's slumber party thing.. lol funn
  • When me, precious, cutie, would be at Tonia's house and we'd walk to the pool like EVERYDAY.. idk how we did it in the Houston heat
  • Going to Dallas or Austin or San Antonio every single weekend to watch basketball games in the sumer
  • Going to Austin every other weekend to watch my brothers football games
  • When tope came to my house and put josh to sleep :)
  • In Nigeria when we would fire BANGERSSS!
  • 9th grade yr. english class
  • Miranda and her "ghetto" drama
  • Jennifer and Allison's beef... oh yea COURTNEY!!! lmao
  • Tope summer and how he was tryna get withh everrryy girl he could lol
  • When i went to Paris and the Disney Land lady told my mom to shutupppp.. oh lawddddddd lol my mom and precious's mom were getting on here
  • When me and Dj used to be bestiessss lol [i hope he reads this]
  • Me and Sabina sitting at lunch by ourselves sharing our food
  • Being w/ Ayrinn and Brionne after school talking about whateverrrr
  • Time I skipped french and stayed w/ 7th pd. basketball, then saw my french teacher after school omgg.. lol i didn't get in trouble though
  • 7th pd french w/ Evelio, Erika, Sophie, Noorulane, Alexis, and Tissy:)
  • 4th pd french w/ Faith,Erika, Jarrod, Daniel, Ricky, and Emanuel
  • 7th grade math classs
  • Having convos w/ Stephen about his life lol
  • When Tay would come over to my house like everyday after school, and we'd just talk for hoursssss
  • Me fighting w/ Aunty Aina every morning, and when i tore her clothess...lol badd
  • When i had long healthy hair lol
  • Me and Mandy NEVER being in class 2pd.
  • When me and jennifer were at the mall and i was asking some little boy to teach her how to jerk lol

&& the list goes onnnnn

Ah i added more but i'm not anymore cause this is gonna turn into a freaking novel

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