Jul 10 2009

So on Friday i was supposed to go to chill w/ precious but she couldn't do anything anymore so i decided to bake a cake since i was crazy bored. It was called "Perfectly Chocolate Cake" ..and i got the recipe of the back of the Herseys unsweetend chocolote powder stuff or w/e that stuff is called. And pluss i made it alll from scratch it was my first time:) ...

Here's pics:

lmaooo this cake was SOOOO NASTY. Doesn't it even look nast, and look at the lumps in the second picture. Ewww lol when i tried it, it tasted so bitter and just gross. Hahaha but i refused not to throw it away, and the when i tried a little on Saturday it actually tasted better. I guess the coldness does something since i put it in the fridge. Lol who knowwss???

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