14 in. Indian Remy Human Hair 1b, thick side bangs, part pulled in, and hair layered. That's what i wish my hair was looking like right now. I want long hair so bad, i'm so tired of short hair. And i do wanna grow it out, but like every time i go to the hair salon they cut it. You're probally like ok so why don't you tell them not to, but it's like everytime i go to the salon and they do my hair i love it and i want it to stay short. But then weeks go by and i'm like what's this shit on my head??! My hair would've been the way i want it to be [1st sentence] on July 1st but i want to the salon and the man told me not to braid it cause it would break it. I think that's bullshit cause his tactics aren't working. But yea i think i'm gonna get tracks in before school starts cause i just want long hair really bad. ... Hmmmm, i wonder how long my hair woulda been if i didn't cut it when i went to new york 2xmas's ago. It woulda been a legit length lol pass my shoulders, i could work with that.. Anyways i really want my hair long, but until the day i get tracks in i'll just hade to work w/ what i got!

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