Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So i was roaming around on the internent, reading peoples blogs and what not and like some posts was about how everyone has a blog now and blah blah blah this talking bout how they don't like that, and how they think they are gonna stop blogging because of that. They were literally complaining about how a whole bunch of people now have blogs. OMG BIG FUCKING DEAL!!! Like B up! It's really not that crucial like chilllllll. Like do you really think that you were the first person to make a blog?? Or do you think that ever since you made your blog that everyones copying you. Oh it annoys me so much. I've known about this blog stuff for a longgggg time now. Like the first blog i've ever went to was like in 2007, 2yrs ago. Hmmm did u even know that blogspot exisited. Probally not! And like the first blog i made was in December 2008, yess before yours. And like i don't see how it can bug people so much that more people are getting exposed to this website? The whole world can have a blog for all i care. It doesn't bother me one bit, and i don't see how you can be. But see YOU who is bothered, bothers ME simply b/c you're bothered for no reason. Do you think this website is exculsive or something ......like c'mon boo :)

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